We’ve all been through that really stressful week before your final exams when all you do is study. So what do you do when the stress gets too much? Look at photos of adorable baby animals of course!

Let’s start with this group who are even more confused than you.

confused puppies

Because let’s be honest, you’ve been studying for so long, you’ve completely forgotten how walking and standing work.

tired puppy

And you could really use some sleep…make that a lot of sleep.

sleepy puppy

Maybe a good massage would help?

massage kitten

You could always relax and do something you love for a while, like dancing…

dance kitten

…or even play some sports.

sport puppy

But be careful and don’t hide from your responsibilities.

hide kitten

Because you still need to do well in your exams, so you can have a big celebration when you’re done!

celebration puppy