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Student holding their head as they complete work on their laptop

6 Helpful Tips To Avoid Burnout

Working on assessments, dissertations, and preparing for exams can sometimes feel overwhelming. If this feeling persists, it can lead us […]
Photo of a latop, with desklamp, books, folder from let to right on top of wooden table

Easy Steps To Tackle Your Assignment

Let’s face it, writing assignments is nobody’s favourite thing about university life, but it’s still a key part for many […]
Two students writing in exam

How To Prepare For Exams

We know you might be feeling a little nervous about upcoming exams, especially if you’ve not sat an exam in […]

Addressing your top study challenges

Attending lectures, asking questions and taking notes are all important parts of going to university. But knowing how and when […]
Young woman looking anxious

How to combat stress during Welcome Week

Starting university can be an incredibly stressful time and can often have you imagining the worst case scenario. “What if […]

6 body-positive accounts to follow on Instagram

Loving your appearance can sometimes be a struggle. With the rise in popularity of video-sharing platforms like Instagram and TikTok, […]
Image of white chalk heart on a dark background

University Mental Health Day 2021

Hey everyone, Megan here!👋 As we head into another month of restrictions I thought it might be helpful to share […]
Colourful debit cards

What is an overdraft and do I need one?

We’ve all had a little tizzy at some point in our life when we’re asked to talk about, or take […]
Stressed child

Five quirky revision break ideas

I am a procrastination professional, without a doubt. Revision? You know I must clean my shoes. Essay deadline? I’ll FaceTime […]

Meaningful music and mental health

Today is University Mental Health Day. At some point in life many of us will experience some kind of mental health […]
Image: Card with "How we live is what makes us real" text

🎧 PODCAST: University Mental Health Day 2018

University can be an amazing, exciting and life-changing experience, but everyone can face challenges along the way that can knock […]
Focus Definiton

Creating the perfect study environment

Your bedroom desk will be the place you spend (or should spend) most of your time as an undergraduate. I […]
A girl with an umbrella looking at the water

BLOG: How to battle homesickness

If you are reading this blog post, it might mean that you are already missing that little haven called home. […]
Image: open book

8 tips to make revision more fun

Revising for exams can be hard and stressful and no-one wants to do it, but unfortunately it’s likely you will have […]
clock and work

BLOG: Making time for myself during final year

The final year of university can be tough. Dissertations and part-time employment paired with graduate job hunting and exams are enough […]
A Level Student

You know you’re an A-Level student when…

The two year stepping stone (or gigantic jump) between leaving school and starting university can be challenging, tiring and not […]
Image of a puppy

Cute GIFs to make studying less stressful

We’ve all been through that really stressful week before your final exams when all you do is study. So what […]
Young woman feeling ill

How to avoid ‘Freshers’ Flu’

The first few weeks spent at university will be a whirlwind of brand new faces, different experiences and more than […]