If you live away from home at university you will need to learn how to cook. Not only will it help you, you know, survive. But it also helps with bonding with your house mates! You would be surprised how close everyone will become when you start cooking meals together.


giff: making a curry

Who doesn’t love curry?

Curry was the first meal I shared with house mates, and it brought us all together. You would be surprised how easy it is to get on with other students when you share food. If you do these shared meals enough, you will probably be calling them “family meals” before you know it.


Spaghetti Bolognese

giff: eating spaghetti bolognese video

If you haven’t cooked properly before, cooking this will make you feel like you are on Masterchef. Although it is hard to mess up spaghetti bolognese, you will definitely feel like you have unmasked your talent for cooking.


Stir Fry

giff: video of making a stir fry


As a beginner stir fries look so complicated! When you eat them they have so many colours, flavours and vegetables. They make you think “what is that white thing? I don’t know but I’ll eat it anyway.” But the best thing is, they are actually simple to make, you could pick up a pre-made stir fry kit, or if you are feeling confident you could go shopping for all the ingredients.



You Complete Me Cheese GIF by tillamook - Find & Share on GIPHY

This is one I lived off for a while.

Cook some chicken, slap it in a tortilla wrap, add some cheese, and that is it! Tortilla wraps will become your best friend at university. Most things you eat will probably involve a tortilla wrap.



giff: video of hand unwrapping a fajita wrap

Tortilla wraps are back again, I told you they will become your best friend. Fajitas are amazing to bring everyone together. You can cook ingredients to put in separate bowls, like chicken, onions, tomatoes, etc. Then your now very happy friends can make their own wraps!


Pasta Bake

giff: video of making a pasta bake

If you like filling meals this one could be your favourite. Fill up a huge tray with this stuff and you can feed yourself for the next week!


Jacket Potato

giff: floating jacket potato video

If you are short on time this is a great one. The good thing about jacket potatoes is that you can put nearly anything on them, cheese, tuna, baked beans, fish fingers… Yeah I really watched someone do that once.


Did you know:

You can cook a hotdog in a kettle?

You can cook bacon in a microwave?

You can cook potato waffles in a toaster?

A tortilla wrap can be used as a plate?

giff: video of mind blow

Good, because neither did I. But now you do prepare to rule the world of university!