Manchester’s Northern Quarter is a good spot to wander around and appreciate artwork from local and further afield street artists. With its interesting architecture used as a backdrop for the bright colours and designs, the whole area has been transformed into an impressive piece of artwork.

Here are some individual pieces that caught my eye…


David Bowie portrait in Stevenson Square


Spotted in Stevenson Square, this vibrant and captivating portrait of David Bowie was painted by French graffiti artist Akse last April. It attracted lots of attention and is an ideal tribute to the late musician.


Colourful flyers on a lamp post on Oldham Street


This may not be traditional street art as such, but located on Oldham Street, and nearly every other street in the Northern Quarter, is a lamp post full of brightly coloured club posters, flyers, stickers and adverts. A small, eye-catching piece of art is created here in itself.


A new piece of street art being painted in Stevenson Square


Again, in Stevenson Square, a new piece of street art gets underway by an unknown street artist. The blue and green colour scheme instantly makes the cartoon-like portrait eye-catching and I’ll be heading back to check out the finished result.


Stencil of a French elderly couple on Warwick Street


Found on Warwick Street is this incredible stencil of a French elderly couple. The piece was created by artist C215 as part of the Cities of Hope street art convention earlier this year.


Colourful walls near Copperas Street


Just off Copperas Street is a whole side street covered in paint, stickers, drawings and graffiti. It works together to create some sort of story which can be pondered over from the nearby cafe and restaurant windows.


Manchester-inspired mosaics on Afflecks Palace


On the side of Afflecks Palace, are these wonderful Manchester-inspired mosaics, created by artist Mark Kennedy. Each one portrays a specific part of the city’s history and stands out well against the red-brick building.


Have you spotted any other cool street art while wandering around Manchester? Let us know in the comments.