Have you ever considered taking learning beyond the same four walls of the lecture halls?

Learning new things can be inspiring and motivating, even if it is on a subject totally different from your course. Both Salford and Manchester have a lot of interesting places to visit if you ever find yourself at a loose end- so why not pack up your textbooks and become a tourist for the day! I’ve done the hard work for you, so here’s a list of my top picks ready for your custom.

New Adelphi Theatre

Did you know the New Adelphi building on Peel Park campus hosts its very own theatre?

If you didn’t, you do now. And there’s no excuse not to visit!

With shows ranging from musicals to stand-up comedy, there’s plenty to enjoy. So why not take a look at their website or take a stroll down to New Adelphi to check out their Box Office?


Salford Museum and Art Gallery

There’s no way I could write this blog without mentioning Salford’s own museum and art gallery – situated conveniently on our doorstep. Did you know there’s an entire Victorian village hidden in there?

Whether you find it interesting or slightly creepy (or maybe a bit of both) you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two! With free admission, it’s an unmissable opportunity!


The Lowry Theatre

If you haven’t heard of it before- it’s the big futuristic looking, metal building across the water from the MCUK campus. Full of passion and talent, there’s an endless list of contemporary art that you could snap up a ticket for. 

From art exhibitions to inspiring talks by famous faces- I highly recommend checking out their website. The Lowry is a registered charity so if you do decide to take up the opportunity to pay a visit, it will go towards a great cause!

My personal favourite is the Flamenco Dance workshop- no one said education had to be boring!



The Imperial War Museum North is also based over at MediaCity, just across the bridge next to the Coronation Street studios.

 The building alone is a real staple to Trafford Park, built on a WW2 bombsite and its shape inspired by a shattered globe- you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

The IWM offers free admission to three of its main displays so it’s definitely something you should add to your to do list!


Science & Industry Museum

What better way to get inspired by science than visiting the Science & Industry Museum?

My favourite thing about this place is the fact that they offer a free research and study area, along with books, films and photographs to help with your studies or to broaden your knowledge on all things scientific.

A real hot spot for any science lover – an expert or otherwise!

Manchester Art Gallery

The Manchester Art Gallery has been well established since 1834 in the heart of Manchester’s city centre. Developed over 200 years, the gallery is home to Fine Art, Craft and Design and Costume, making it a perfect spot if you’re studying in the field of art and design.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of art – you could always partake in one of their health & wellbeing workshops (the majority are free) to relax and de-stress. Uni is a great time to try new things, so if you’re going to live in such a fantastic city – make sure you use it!


The John Rylands Library

Ever wondered what it would be like to study in Hogwarts? I’m talking to you, Potter fans.

Okay – it’s not actually Hogwarts but this stunning place isn’t far off. Offering tours to discover the history of Manchester and the building itself, this place is totally Instagrammable and educational all at once.


Overdrawn Art

Overdrawn Art are an interactive art brand created by artists living in Manchester.

Check them out on Facebook for upcoming events around the city, it’s free to get involved and you can get super creative – who knows, you may have an eye for detail you never knew about!


National Football Museum

I guess you could say Manchester’s pretty big on football. You know… we’ve got one or two teams a few people may or may not have heard of – and some kind of stadium, I think?

Not sure?

Take a trip to the National Football Museum to find out- conveniently right next to Manchester Victoria Station so its an easy visit. For those who aren’t football fans, why not open your eyes the inspiring aspects and history this museum has to offer!