It might not seem apparent at first, but the United Kingdom and Poland have many similarities. Although the list is very much subjective, let us know in the comments below what other key similarities there are in your opinion.

1. Own currency

Probably one of the most apparent similarities is the fact that each country has their own currency. It is worth noting that each British currency contains an image of the Queen on one of the sides: Polish currency varies in this aspect as every note contains a different King that once ruled in Poland. However, the coins have their value on one side and an eagle on the other.

In British pounds sterling (GBP), £1 is approximately equal to 5 zł Polish złoty (PLN).

As I have a lot of international friends, they often ask me if Poland is an expensive destination for travelling. This is my favourite example.

30 zł, this is how much a Large Dominos Original Cheese & Tomato Pizza (Margarita) costs in Poland (or 29,98 zł to be exact). At the same time in the UK the same pizza costs £15.99, which is approximately 75zł. As a result, you can buy two pizzas for the price of one while you are in Poland. You’re welcome! 🙂

2. We love speaking English too!

One might say that learning English in Poland’s schools is obligatory. Children in Poland start learning their second langage as early on as when they begin kindergarten. This enables us to continue learning throughout the following years and communicate with people from all over the world. Although the English we are taught in schools is considered to be “International English”, which is a mix of predominantly American English with some British English, I remember that when I came to the UK, the learning process started all over again. It is exciting to be exposed to various different accents, and even though it was quite hard to understand the diverse structures in the beginning, it is worth exploring and learning. We love speaking and learning English. Another thing we have in common! 

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3. We love the United Kingdom too!

Polish-born UK residents are one of the largest foreign-born communities in the United Kingdom. In 2016 it was estimated that around 900,000 residents were Polish-born living in the United Kingdom and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally this makes the UK one of the most popular countries (among Germany and Scandinavian countries) where Poles are the most likely to migrate. What’s not to love about the UK?

Source: Office for National Statistics

4. Great travel destinations

In 2016 nearly 500,000 British nationals travelled to Poland, according to GOV.UK. It is possible to say that this destination is definitely a popular one. Both British and Polish people often travel to both countries which is definitely a strong similarity.

Have you ever visited Poland? If not, there are many reasons why you should consider visiting our beautiful country. In addition to its natural wonders, stunning scenery, and incredible architecture, travelling around our country will certainly not break the bank. A weekend or a long winter get-away might just be the thing you are looking for!

Krakau, Poland – Photo by Caio Resende from Pexels
Capital of Poland, Warsaw – Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels
Poland, Warsaw – Photo by Immortal shots daily from Pexels

I recommend visiting one of our big cities first to grasp the culture and vast entertainment Poland has to offer. There are plenty of museums to choose from in order to learn more about Poland’s history. You will be able to find a lot of similarities, but be aware to look in a different direction as we do drive on the opposite side of the road. The right side 🙂

Although Poland is cheaper than the UK, it is not necessarily cheap. If you book your flights and train tickets in advance you will find many fabulous discounts heading your way. In general, the price of the products will be cheaper, primarily because of the exchange rates between two currencies. But definitely don’t take my word for it: visit Poland and see the beauty of the country for yourself. Similarly, if you are travelling to the UK, it’s possible to organize a budget trip when you plan it in advance.

5. Food

While in Poland, don’t miss a chance to eat some Polish Pierogi (ruskie in my opinion are the best) typical Polish ‘biala kielbasa’ or ‘Zurek w chlebie’, which is a soup served in a loaf of bread. If you are not driving it might be a good idea to try our tasty craft beers – this we certainly do have in common! And for a taste of Poland without leaving the UK, you might want to visit Platzki, a Polish restaurant based in the heart of Manchester.

With 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor and a great selection of food to choose from, you really can’t go wrong with Platzki. The menu changes twice a week which ensures the freshness and diversity of the food selection. Real Polish food brought to you with passion and unique taste right from of the heart of Poland. 

6. Burgers with a twist

In the UK you might find delicious burgers in very different forms, but generally alongside chips and some garnish. However, Poland, despite having incredible hamburgers resembling the ones from the UK, have a little twist towards their structure. Although this is not very widely popular, some people prefer to have hamburgers as Pierogi Burger – this basically changes the structure and look of the burger, making it even more sensational for the taste buds! It might not look appealing at first, but unless you try you will never know how it tastes. 

A hand holding a half eaten sandwich

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Pierogi Burger on a cutting board
Pierogi Burger from the side
Pierogi Burger cut in half


7. Nature

Probably one of the most important similarities between Poland and the UK is the natural beauty of the both countries. The valleys, mountains and forests allow you to grasp a real sense of nature, to relax, or just spend time with your friends and family while hiking. Listening to the cascading waterfalls, birds singing and crickets chirping is such a relaxing, calming feeling. It’s also a great opportunity to take stunning pictures or videos of the natural habitats. It is definitely impossible to say which country has better views, but most importantly we can enjoy the nature, no matter where we are. Both Poland and the UK have a lot to offer.

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