Choosing which university you are going to spend the next three years (or even longer) at is an important decision and one that has been made more challenging during the pandemic. To help you with your decision this year, Salford has a range of virtual events and information available online.

I spoke to Stephanie and Kira, two current first-year students who told me how the digital resources available were invaluable when they were deciding which university to pick as their firm choice.

The University of Salford is holding its final Online Applicant Event this Saturday 15 May 2021. An online campus tour will be available and can be booked using the online form.

What to expect from an online applicant event

“The applicant day was very well organised. There were plenty of opportunities to chat with current students and lecturers in a course specific presentation along with a full day of virtual activities surrounding the university, covering every possibility.

I felt very confident after attending the applicant day and it made me even more certain that I wanted to become a student at Salford.”

Stephanie Edwards

“My course did an introduction to the campus we would be studying at. This was really helpful in allowing me to somewhat understand my future surroundings, as because of the pandemic I couldn’t attend the campus itself.

The friendliness and enthusiasm of staff was something that really drew me to Salford.”

Kira Hayward

“I attended a course specific presentation during the online applicant day, speaking with lecturers and current third year students about the course and also about what life was like for students currently learning online during COVID. 

Also, being a mature student, I was worried how I would fit in and if my course was just going to consist of ‘young’ students. No-one wants to be the eldest in the cohort! There was a very well organised presentation specifically for mature students. They answered any questions and concerns I had.

Also having young children, I was concerned if this would cause any major issues. Salford felt so much more family friendly when compared to another university I had applied to. It was explained about an ‘open door’ policy which meant that lecturers and tutors were available without any appointment necessary. Again something that differed from another university.”

Stephanie Edwards

“As well as having an online campus tour, we also learnt more info about the course as well as the campus. This allowed me to gain more of an understanding of what I was going to be looking forward to and how trimesters and modules would work.”

Kira Hayward

University communications

Throughout your journey to Salford, the University keeps you updated and ensures that you are prepared when you finally arrive, even with the changing government guidelines. Kira and Stephanie both found the University’s regular email communications alongside the virtual events reassuring, and ultimately gave them to confidence in selecting Salford as their firm choice.

“We were constantly updated on how things would change due to changes in government guidelines. We were also informed that there would be helplines if we ever felt lonely or were struggling, we were also made aware that course leaders were always there to help and extra support was on offer if needed.”

Kira Hayward

“I found Salford’s approach to virtual events much better planned out and organised than other universities.”

Stephanie Edwards

If you hold an offer to study at Salford, remember to join us for our final Online Applicant Event on Saturday 15 May 2021. Book your place here.