It’s no secret that a lot of students experience struggles with finances, especially since this is often the first time we are properly learning how to live independently. The good news is, that in Salford, you are surrounded by job opportunities and the range is endless! You are bound to find something that suits your needs, and the support team here at Salford makes that incredibly easy for you…if you have any questions about student employability, have them answered here:

Take advantage…of Advantage! 

Check your emails on a regular basis and you’ll notice just how many job opportunities are available to you. Not only that, but Advantage does the hard work for you and narrows down the most relevant vacancies depending on your course. That’s actually how I found out about this position, and it’s hard to imagine what I’d do without it! If you’re not looking for a paid position (which is highly unlikely), Advantage also offers some amazing work experience, giving you the chance to upgrade your CV to a top tier standard…seriously Advantage is a miracle. 

For more information on how to use your Advantage account, check out this page:

Reasonable retail… 

But if nothing tickles your fancy on Advantage, there’s still thousands of other work fields you can get involved in. I know plenty of friends who have decided to get into retail and these kinds of jobs are amazing for students. They’re usually pretty flexible and allow for you to still spend time with your friends and get your uni work in on time. It’s also GREAT for discounts and you really can’t go wrong with scoring a bargain at your workplace…especially if it’s a cheeky 20% off at Tesco, get that meal deal!

‘Working at O2 has not only helped pay for the weekly shop, but I’ve also been able to use staff discounts to buy myself a new phone! I NEVER would’ve been able to afford that as a student before this job. I’m super grateful!’

Maddie Denton, second year Media and Performance student

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more sociable, then bartending and waitressing is also a go to job for students. Georgia Davis, a student from Salford and part time bartender at Boujee says that ‘I couldn’t bear the thought of working in a quiet environment. I wanted a job where I could socialize…and get paid! Bartending is just like hosting your very own party, I love it.’ If you prefer to sleep in rather than tackling a 9am start, then bartending is perfect because shifts don’t usually start until late in the afternoon. Most pubs allow for their workers to have a few drinks behind the bar as a plus, it’s just like being on a night out…but you’re getting paid rather than spending money! It’s fun, active AND you learn loads about how to make the tastiest cocktails…a skill everyone should acquire. 

Don’t fancy any of those? Just you wait… 

So those are the more basic student jobs but here in Salford…there’s quite a few wacky things you can do as well. If you take an interest in sports such as: BMXing, snowboarding or skiing, there’s the Graystone Action Sports Centre! I have a couple of friends who have worked there and they’ve said it’s an incredible experience even if it’s not your average job, it’s definitely something to look into if you want to be on your feet for the day.  

Now one thing I had NEVER heard of when I first moved to the UK was VR Entertainment and one of the first things my family and I did was visit a VR Den. Let me tell you, it was one of the most amusing experiences of my life and the great news is that…they seem to be everywhere in Salford! VR is basically a virtual reality headset and allows for you to play thousands of different games in a first-person simulation. When I arrived, I was greeted by some younger workers who actually told me they were students themselves.   

When I asked what the job entailed, they told me they basically got to play video games all day and make sure customers were enjoying themselves. It’s also a great social activity and the workers told me they get discounted prices and bring their flat mates to play along all the time. I couldn’t believe that these guys were being paid to do what I do in my spare time! So, if you consider yourself a pro video gamer, this could be the career path for you. 

Last but by no means least… 

One final vacancy I thought would be worth chatting about was the Students Union Bar (Atmosphere). Now I know I mentioned the benefits of working in a bar previously, however…this is THE student bar! The Students Union here at Salford are excellent at provided top quality vacancies to a wide range of our students. Whilst other bar jobs may be flexible and well-paid, working in the Atmosphere Bar and Kitchen is perfect for when you’re a busy, full-time student. Not only that, but the pay is fair and the drinks are cheap! It also gives you the opportunity to make friends with students from all over campus, it’s a very popular hangout spot because the drinks are cheap and the company is great! They also provide all students with a discount card, which can be used at any time for drinks and food. I have ALWAYS wanted to work in this bar but never got the chance to, if you’re a first year…get in there and go for it!  

Check out what vacancies are available at the uni here:

So there you have it some standard and peculiar jobs that are great for students. If getting a job right now isn’t on your agenda, no worries! But be sure to support your friends who are looking for vacancies during this time. Check out our Students Union website and Advantage as well for your chance to score a great part time job. Links down below!