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2 people taking a selfie in front of graffiti

Explore the city for free

Manchester and Salford are famous for many things: the architecture, the culture, the music, and most famously of all…the University […]
Photo of paper with Newyear Resolutions written on it

Get inspired: how to set and stick to your New Year’s resolutions

New year, new Trimester, new blog! Before we entered 2023, we asked you over on Instagram what your New Year’s […]

Our top 5 tips to save money at home

For many of you, not only could this be your first time away from home, but also the first time […]
Photo of a Tungsten light bulb

Energy savings advice from Professor Richard Fitton

Winter is fast approaching. With the temperature dropping and our winter coats getting more use, it’s the perfect time to […]
Money saved in a jar, graduation cap on top

Top Tips For Sustainable Spending

Managing your finances as a student isn’t always easy. You may be living away from home or learning to budget […]
Photo of Ade smiling to the camera

International Student tips and tricks: Q&A with Ade

Becoming an international student can be a daunting yet exciting experience – not only are you starting a new adventure […]
Photo of a hand putting a coin into a white piggy bank

Salford Scholar: Q&A with Simran Jain

If you’re not sure on what a scholarship is, or how it can help – then this is the blog […]
Colourful debit cards

What is an overdraft and do I need one?

We’ve all had a little tizzy at some point in our life when we’re asked to talk about, or take […]
Image: Work Life Balance Diagram

Why part-time employment is good for you

I’m going to be brutally honest with you, when I first had to adapt to living on a budget, the […]
Pound coins

5 ways to start saving before university

Money can be one of many worries for new students heading off to university. Becoming an adult and paying for […]
Supermarket shopping trolley

Money-saving shopping tips you need to know

Shopping. We need to do it, there’s no escape and sometimes it can get really expensive. Food, clothes, drinks and […]