The ‘yeast’ I could do, is find the pizza spots you ‘knead’ to go to in Manchester. Let’s go on a tour around Manchester, slice by slice.

1. Crazy Pedro’s, Northern Quarter and Spinningfields

It’s a dancing treat and it’s fun to eat. Crazy Pedro’s is a part time pizza parlour and full time Tequila bar. The vibey spot has great tunes and funky decor, really accentuating the ‘crazy’ in Crazy Pedro’s. My go to pizza is ‘Got the Muncheese’ which has beef monster munch on it – trust me, it works! And for every ‘got the muncheese’ pizza sold, they provide a meal for a local person in need. Also, if you can’t decide what pizza to get…why not order a slice of everything? It costs £3.50 per slice. YUM!

2. Ramona, Northern Quarter

You are going to want to get a ‘pizza’ this detroit action! Relax with a slice of pizza in their campfire beer garden. The pizza’s aren’t round but that’s okay right ? It’s delicious, cheesey, foccacia-based square pizza. And the vibe matches the immaculate food. On Wednesdays have a dance with their Ramona Radio live. There’s no need to have the blues on Thursday because they have a freestyle jazz jam session. And get groovy at the end of the week with Motorcity Sundays. Find out more information here.

3. Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, Ancoats and Peter Street.

Oh and another one bites the crust. You’ll really want to dive into these authentic Neapolitan pizza’s. Named 5th best pizza pizzeria in Europe in 2021, this is a must visit. Like in Naples, the dough is made on site every day. My personal go to is anything with parma ham, parmesan and rocket. Oh and remember to ask for the chilli honey dip. You are definitely going to want a pizza D’ action.

4. I Knead Pizza, Oxford Road.

I knead pizza, you knead pizza, we all knead pizza ! They are located in Hatch in the city centre and my tummy is rumbling thinking on it. They have an eco friendly pizza oven so I mean we are helping save the environment by eating pizza right ? Please don’t be a weirdough and ask for pineapple….. PINNEAPLE DOESN’T BELONG ON PIZZA !

5. American Pies, Mosley Street.

So bye-bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee… yes I sang this constantly in here when I went. Go on an empty stomach and make sure you’re hungry because these pizza’s are big! The Chicago style deliciousness is deep pan, firstly filled with dough then cheese (lots of it) and the tomato sauce is added to the top. The pizza makes the perfect Instagram picture too- how high can you lift your slice before the string of cheese break? This place really stole a pizza my heart.