Eleanor is studying on the master’s program MSc Environmental Assessment and Management at Salford. Read on to find out all about her experience on the course.

Environment students explore the green roof

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I’m Eleanor, I’m 23 years old and live in Bolton. I love taking my dog for walks up to Rivington Pike and going to concerts and live music events in Manchester.

What inspired you to study Environmental Assessment and Management?

Studying geography throughout high school and college meant that I was aware of environmental issues, such as pollution and climate change. However, it was during an undergraduate module on Sustainable Development, while undertaking specific work on “the tragedy of the commons”, when I realised how critical it is to increase the protection of Earth’s specialised processes and ecological services. This inspired me to pursue a master’s in environmental management.

“The staff support at Salford has been indispensable”

Eleanor, MSc Environmental Assessment and Management student

Why did you choose the University of Salford?  

Throughout my undergraduate studies at Salford, my tutors provided support, understanding, and invaluable guidance. I had reservations about furthering my studies down a different route to my undergraduate Business and Economics degree. However, my postgraduate experience has really exceeded my expectations as the geography and environment teaching team have displayed the same excellent qualities. The staff support at Salford has been indispensable in my educational journey.

Which areas of the course have you enjoyed the most so far?

I’ve found my favourite module was the Energy and Sustainability module, as this covered the topics I was most interested in and was really engaging. I also enjoyed the hands-on experience of undertaking observational assessments in the Environmental Impact Assessment module for the environmental scoping report.

Has this course given you any opportunities to work with industry?

The professional practice module allowed us to work in groups and collaborate with an industry client directly. I enjoyed this because not only did it make a change from learning predominantly through lectures and seminars, but also, I felt that this was a nice way to be introduced to client-based work, which I had no prior experience of.

What are your career aspirations? And how do you think what you’ve learnt here will equip you in your future career?

I’m hoping to combine my newly developed skills in environmental assessment and management with my knowledge of economics to pursue a career in environmental policy and analytics.

I have gained experience in auditing, risk regulation, and impact assessment, all of which are applicable to many industry job roles. I think that the assessments on this course give a good idea about the potential formal writing styles and personal skills that may be required going into a related career.

How have you found the step up from Undergraduate to Postgraduate Studies?

There is an increase in workload at postgraduate level, which took some adjusting to at first, but after following guidance from my tutors I found this manageable, and I felt reassured knowing I had their support if necessary.

What advice would you give to anyone considering postgraduate study at Salford?

Make the most of every opportunity available to you!

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