The new academic year is here! Read a letter from a member of staff who has written a letter especially for you with their advice on how you can make the most of your time as a Salford student.

This letter was written by Jen, a Primary Education with English Specialism graduate. They identified themselves as an undergraduate student who experienced living on campus in student halls.

Dear student,

I still remember my first day of university; driving up to the halls with a car full of bags and boxes, my dad stressing about where we were meant to park and where we collected the keys, and the look on my dad’s face when we found out I was on the top floor of a building with no lift! Many trips up and down the stairs later, and I was moved in (or at least my boxes had made it upstairs). My dad loitering in the doorway, reluctantly saying goodbye before he (as he told me later) had a cry in the car driving home. This was it. I was in my room, all alone, with no one I knew. What next? 
A knock at my door and there my flatmate stood, introducing herself and asking if I wanted a cup of tea. On paper we were two completely different people with two completely different backgrounds but that one cup of tea became two and now, 13 years later I am proud to call her my best friend!  
So, my advice? Even in those moments where the world feels completely different, and you are stood alone wondering “what next?” you never know who is waiting behind the next door. Take a moment, find your space, and open the door to whatever opportunities come your way. And, if all else fails, you’ll never go wrong with a cup of tea! 

Wishing you all the best, 

– Jen, Primary Education with English Specialism graduate

This letter is one in a series written by Salford staff members and alumni to you and your fellow students. We hope that, by sharing our experiences and advice, we can help you settle into uni life and feel excited for all that you have to come. Want to read more? There’s plenty to choose from.