The University of Salford prides itself on finding ways to help the environment and be sustainable throughout it’s campus. Here are some of the ways in which our campus is sustainable:

Number 1- Our Waste Management System

Waste and recycling is one of the most viable ways we can be environmentally friendly on campus and it’s one of the easiest ways that staff, students and visitors can be involved. In 2016/2017, our university produced over 931 tonnes of waste in which we were able to recycle 38% of it. Through our system, less then 1% of waste created on our campus ends up in landfills. Our goals are aiming to recycle at least 50% of all waste on our campus and end the use of single plastics on campus in the next few years.

Number 2- Green Campus Group

The Green Campus Group were created to share information to engage the university community for how to use the public green spaces around our campuses, including how they can be enhanced and develop to fit the needs of the community. In meetings, they have asked for suggestions for improvements and asked participates to pick three suggestions to start initially working on.

These have ranged from The Irwell river clean up, habitat surveying to create a safe space for wildlife around Peel Campus and Peel Park as well as community growing spaces which can be used by students, staff and the public for rest, work and a place to relax.

Number 3- The Tree Trail

The Tree Trail is a project that was collaborated with the Environmental Suitability Team and Peel Park Rangers created for students, staff and the community. Going through the meadows, Peel Park Campus and Peel Park, there are three routes you can follow individually or all together showing off 25 different types of trees.

This is a great way to get out with friends and explore around your campus. You can get the map off of here or off of the university website.