Hello there! 

My name is Yewande, I am a 26-year-old international master’s student currently studying Digital Marketing. I’m not the typical digital marketing master’s student with a background in a similar course, I did my bachelor’s degree in chemistry and found my way in marketing immediately after I graduated. I did that for 4 years before deciding to further my knowledge as a master’s student. As a marketing girlie, I am a huge fan of content creation and showcasing brands in an aesthetically pleasing way.  I also love fashion, food, art, movies, and music. 

I am super excited to introduce myself as one of the new Student Social Media Content Creators at the University of Salford. My mission is to be your campus guide and to help you crack the code of Salford life, from getting admission at the University of Salford, to all the quirks that make our campus stand out. So, here’s a little more about me and how I ended up here.  

How I ended up in Salford 

Photo of mediacity during sunset

As an international student from Nigeria, when talking about the United Kingdom, the first city that comes to your mind is London, so technically that was my first option until I did my research and realised that the cost of living in London was high and not sustainable for an international student navigating her way. It was time to go back to the drawing board. When researching cities for a university, I had extremely limited options since I loved the city life, and I also was picky with everything. Then I found out about Manchester; everything about it was spot on, from the city life to the job opportunities, it was like a dream come true. Then it was time to figure out the school I wanted to go to in Manchester and I’m not going to lie but I didn’t have to research that much, because I fell in love with the University of Salford immediately when I saw their website. It was easy to understand, user friendly and most importantly their social media made me feel like I belonged to a community that I wasn’t even in yet. Amazing, I thought. It was everything I wanted.  

Why Salford? 

Exterior image of the new science, engineering and environment building

To me, the University of Salford isn’t just a university, it’s also a place where I feel comfortable and even though I’m far from home, I feel at home here. It’s super international student friendly and their communications are top notch, especially whenever you have issues and just need help.  

That’s pretty much my story on how I ended up here. Consider this your golden ticket to join me on this adventure. Whether you are a student or an aspiring student, I’ve got you covered. Expect all the insider information, from navigating campus to the little secrets that make the University of Salford special.