We speak to BSc Business Management with Innovation and Technology student Neha about her experiences studying at Salford.

Journey to Salford Business School

After completing my A-levels in sciences, I searched for business and technology university courses . I knew that I wanted a new challenge and liked the sound of the innovation aspect this course includes. I was also impressed by the prime location of the university.

All About the Course

This course incorporates in depth business studies integrated with web design, basic coding and other technological aspects. It is very hands on and coursework based, so students have a chance to really focus on implementing work in real life situations. The course also focuses on boosting employability after graduation.

I enjoy the practicality of the course, because it really prepares us for job hunting in the future. I also like the surface level look into computer science and software engineering that we go into, because as necessary as it is to know the principles, it is not everyone’s aim to go into too much depth in these subjects. There is a good balance of numeracy and literacy skills. The course is also always developing and improving based on the student voice and the lecturers themselves are very active in pushing useful courses, information and content.

Employability at Salford Business School

The professional development modules which assessed CVs, online interviews and psychometric tests was really helpful because it was emulating the real application process. we had lots of time and mentorship to prepare ourselves for this process with enough independence to maintain that level of self-responsibility. There were also VR interviews with meditation sessions which were really insightful, however completing these tasks in front of my classmates was a bit nerve-wracking! All other modules also include a degree of employability skills with LinkedIn Learning courses and market considerations that we are taught to keep in mind.

Student Support

The SBS employability hub, programme leaders and individual module tutors have gone above and beyond to provide support for all assignment related issues. They have also aided me and other class members in applying for placements and doing external courses. Feedback is always provided on work and I have always had very helpful experiences in terms of university and non-university related topics. It really is a safe space.

The Best Bits

The friends I have made here at Salford feel like family to me. The mentorship and guidance I have received from tutors feels like something I can always lean on. From getting a quick coffee from the fire station across the road, to booking rooms for hours in the library to sit down and get our assignments done, Salford really feels like home. Living on campus really enhances this feature for me too, the campus is so fun to explore at night, especially with so many events at the SU.

I absolutely would recommend Salford Uni to other students. It is the perfect mix of academia and social events and there’s always stuff to do! The support and contacts here at Salford are unmatched. I have yet to see another university team that is truly rooting for their students like Salford does, even after they graduate.

Advice for Future Students

Be very thorough in researching your course and talking to students that are already enrolled in it; make sure it’s the right fit for you! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Life After Salford

I’m not too sure what I want to do after I graduate, but I know I want to go into more of a technical background. My tutors are aware of this and are so helpful. They are quick to recommend anything they come across that could benefit me.

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