Alayali Rizvi is an LLB Law student and current student ambassador. He shares with us his thoughts and experiences studying at Salford Business School

Photo of Alayali Rizvi
Photo of Alayali Rizvi

The Salford Experience

I knew when I finished my first year of A-levels that I wanted to study law. I knew always wanted to stay in Manchester and thought I would feel at home in Salford. I knew this was the best place for me to be comfortable studying and developing my best self, so I made it my first choice. 

In my second year, there was a moment when I realised that studying at Salford was the best thing that could have happened to me. I realised there was support to another level from academics and students. This can either be in person or even over a Teams call. The great thing is that help and advice are available immediately to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. In addition to this, the Law Society at Salford has also brought out another version of me that I didn’t know existed. Overall, I have had a great support network, which has helped me excel academically to ensure I am ready for my next stage.

My course is extremely rewarding. I love being challenged academically, therefore, a challenging degree like law had many moments which I enjoyed. Looking back, the thing that I most enjoyed was seeing my knowledge of the law that I learn in lectures and seminars put into practice. From having a lecture on an area of law and then having a client in the Silks Law Clinic with an issue related to what I have just learnt. This development was one of the most enjoyable aspects of my course and demonstrated that I was on the right track. All that is thanks to Salford.

Building Employability Skills

Salford Business School has presented many opportunities throughout my time at the university and has provided great stepping stones for me to reach the stage I am at. These opportunities have included chances with the Freedom Law Clinic and even the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The Employability Team has also set up a judicial panel in the business school which allowed me to network with a High Court judge. This judge allowed me to shadow him and then later created a great judicial panel event at The Civil Justice Centre alongside the Law Society which is now on the judicial website.

Salford Business School has great connections with industry and has demonstrated endless opportunities. These opportunities have ensured that you have the best CV and employability chances through their employability weeks. Overall, this developed my confidence, interview skills and even my professional development on social media and LinkedIn specifically.

Advice to Future Salford Students

When applying to Salford, you are not only studying for a degree. you are also getting access to endless career opportunities. However, those opportunities are only there for those that choose to take them, therefore always say yes as otherwise you will regret missing them.

Final Thoughts 

My time at Salford has been life-changing and the best few years of my life. It goes by quickly so make the most out of it and enjoy the journey. You only miss out on the opportunities you do not apply for. Each one will show you something you did not know about yourself.

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