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The impact of social media in higher education

23 September 2015

You may well be wondering why a nurse has been invited to blog for Salford Business School, I asked the same question until I recognised that using social media in nurse education is part of our business. As a lecturer in children’s nursing, I am also part of the fitness for professional practice team and a few years ago I noticed an increase in referrals of student misconduct using social media platforms.

At the same time I was seeing a decrease in student communication via more traditional channels of email, telephone and the virtual learning environment and instead I was being asked by some students to use social media.

In an attempt to try something different, I began in 2012 with a personal twitter account (@wlasinclair) wondering if anyone was even interested in my posts. I had incorrectly presumed that all of our students would use twitter and even more inaccurately believed that they would communicate with me via twitter.


What does an #MBA teach you?

9 September 2015

What does an MBA teach you? I have not done an MBA personally but I know it’s something that could have helped me and my business. The route I took was largely haphazard (although on paper it looks ‘logical’ and ‘well thought out’).

So, I did a BSc in Business Information Systems (2000-2003), after that I didn’t get a job because I didn’t look particularly hard for one. I also thought that jobs would come to me because of my shiny new degree. Anyway, after being ‘unsuccessful’ on the career front I decided to come back and do an MSc in Managing Information Technology (2003-2004). Once that was completed I still didn’t get a job as I didn’t really look for one (can you see a pattern emerging?), and I still thought it would just come to me.

I drifted along, spent a year or so selling stuff on eBay, and alongside doing that I ended up looking into Subway Franchises. Fast-forward to the end of 2005, I’d opened my first store at the age of 23 (I was the youngest franchisee in the UK at that point)… I didn’t really have any idea of what was going on or any kind of ‘masterplan’, I just kind of thought, “it doesn’t seem to be that difficult…I’ll just figure it out”.


Salford MBA international trip-The Intercontinental Hotel Group

19 August 2015
Namitha Muthukrishnan

Namitha Muthukrishnan

An integral part of the MBA experience is an overseas visit, in which I had the opportunity to spend an intensive week in the United Arab Emirates. This experience enabled me to meet like-minded leaders and be immerse  in another business culture. This year’s visit  included a Global Leaders Industry Visit to the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi.

The intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) is a global hotel company traded on the New York as well as the London Stock exchange. Present on over 100 countries worldwide with one of the largest room inventories of over 177,000 room in 4900 hotels, there is no surprise when IHG has been named on FORTUNE Magazine’s 2014 World’s Most Admired Companies list. The question when the Salford MBA students entered the hotel was, what makes them ‘amazing?’

In conversation with Ivor Prestwood, the General Manager of The Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, the Salford Business School MBA students were given an insight into the exciting and challenging world of hospitality.


How to network: Make the right first impression

14 July 2015

Richard Lira, Salford Business School Alumni

As I was about to embark on my final year at university, typically, more and more graduate unemployment statistics kept creeping up. I say ‘typically’ because naturally when you don’t want to think about something there it is, constantly in front of you.

Social media was a great reminder of how tough the job market was and I always knew I had to stay ahead of my competition to stand out from the crowd.

I was always presented in class, gained 1st class marks in all my academic years, did a 12-month professional placement and  had two part-time jobs in the marketing and communications field in my final year, not to mention how hard I worked on my online personal brand.


Women – the digital industry needs you!

7 July 2015
Brian Matthews, managing partner at digital recruitment firm, The Candidate

Brian Matthews, managing partner at digital recruitment firm, The Candidate

Gender representation in particular within the digital and media industries has been a hot topic of late, with much debate around diversity and inequalities within this thriving workforce. Although digital is a progressive industry that encourages equal opportunities and embraces talent rather than gender, many believe there are too few skilled female professionals.

There are gender imbalance issues across many industries, however as the digital industry is facing a massive skills shortage, perhaps more females pursuing a career in the sector is part of the solution. For example joining courses such as BSc Business Information Technology, MSc Digital Marketing or Law in Media and Digital Industries.

Here at The Candidate, we commissioned research to investigate gender representation within the thriving digital industry. Our study of 150 digital agencies in the North of England, found there were almost twice as many men employed than women. In addition, we found that there is a severe lack of females in management roles, with 156 per cent more men taking up these jobs. The situation is more severe at senior management level, with just 18 out of the 150 businesses involved in the research headed up by women.


Business Internships: 10 reasons to offer student work placements

30 June 2015
Joanne Egan,  Hotel Desk  Director

Joanne Egan,
Hotel Desk Director

What does Hotel Desk, is a North West UK based venue finding company, thinks about working with Salford Business School students?

Hotel Desk is a small medium-sized enterprise (SME) that has a recent experiences of Business School placements students. We have benefited from digital marketing students who made a great contribution to our business.

I am Jo Egan, Managing Director of  Hotel Desk, and here are my top ten reasons why other local organisations and SMEs could also benefit from providing Business School students work placements.

Narrowing the many benefits down to just ten is the tricky bit, but here we go!


My Golden Ticket to Camp Digital 2015

6 June 2015
Karim Laljee

Karim Laljee

For those of you like myself who were very keen to attend Camp Digital and get your hands on those sort after tickets and be one of the 350 lucky people to be at the event, it must have been a disappointment if you didn’t get chance to go.

Tickets had sold out and the only option I had to attend the event was to try to sneak in or enter a competition that University of Salford were holding, where you had to come up with innovative ways of using new technology. Thankfully I was selected as one of the winners and got my hand on what felt like one of Willy Wonkers Golden Tickets!

You could also see that all those with tickets were going to make sure that they were there!


Job search tips: Facing job hunting head-on

13 May 2015
Morson Building_Job search tips

Morson Group proud sponsors of the Salford Business School Ball

As the UK’s number 1 technical recruiter, with 46 years of recruitment and HR experience, Morson Group is proud to be the primary sponsor of the Salford Business School Ball 2015.

There is so much conflicting information available regarding job hunting and graduates, but it provides little help to actually doing the daunting task and landing that first job. There are mountains of tips and tricks to help you with creating the perfect CV, mistakes not to make in interviews, the best way to dress for an interview, behaviours to embrace when in the job and the list grows each day. Let’s look at how we can clear things up and get you on track for finding your perfect opportunity.


Why I’m attending the Salford Business School Ball #SBSBall

23 April 2015
Kimberly Stewart, MSc Marketing Student

Kimberly Stewart, MSc Marketing Student

I cannot wait to attend this years’ Salford Business School Ball on Friday 29th May 2015. I’m mostly excited because I never had a high school prom, so it’s a pretty big occasion for me.  It’s a nice way to celebrate before we graduate and have fun with classmates and alumni!

This night is created for us!  All of the hard work, projects, assignments and exams have led us to this point, so now it’s time for our reward. So let’s unleash our inner divas, dress to impress and make it a night to remember!


How to land the perfect placement

10 April 2015
Brian Matthews provides his expert opinion on how important it is to get a work placement

Brian Matthews provides his expert opinion on how important it is to get a work placement

Graduating with a good degree is, of course, the main priority for all students when they first walk through the doors of their Business School. Yet, graduating with work experience in the bag is even more important as recently mentioned by Steve Lowy on this blog, and students should maybe refocus their aims slightly to ensure they achieve exactly this.

We all know that interviews are all about experience, these days a degree is just a prerequisite.

So, this post is about getting you a job, about making sure you feel as ready as possible for that first interview, and about helping you to wash away those pre-interview nerves.

Our most important tip is to remember that an interview is just an opportunity to tell someone how awesome you are…