Internship: my #SalfordStories

It’s no secret that internships open you up to greater job possibilities than if you were relying solely on having a degree, for the majority of sectors anyway. But aside from the obvious, i.e. gaining skills in your chosen area, what are some other benefits of undertaking an internship in a business? I am Becca […]

What does an #MBA teach you?

What does an MBA teach you? I have not done an MBA personally but I know it’s something that could have helped me and my business. The route I took was largely haphazard (although on paper it looks ‘logical’ and ‘well thought out’). So, I did a BSc in Business Information Systems (2000-2003), after that […]

My experience of studying MSc Marketing at Salford Business School

Almost a full year ago I wrote about why I chose to study MSc Marketing at Salford Business School. And now, almost twelve months later, I wanted to write an update on why this is one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I last wrote about my attendance of the business school, I was […]

How to network: Make the right first impression

As I was about to embark on my final year at university, typically, more and more graduate unemployment statistics kept creeping up. I say ‘typically’ because naturally when you don’t want to think about something there it is, constantly in front of you. Social media was a great reminder of how tough the job market […]

Salford Business School Ball – A night to remember

This year’s Salford Business School Ball took place on Friday 29th May at Hotel Football (owned by Manchester United’s Class of ’92) and was the biggest to date as it sold out with 260 people in attendance. The Salford Business School Ball is an annual black-tie event that not only brings together final year and postgraduate […]

My Golden Ticket to Camp Digital 2015

For those of you like myself who were very keen to attend Camp Digital and get your hands on those sort after tickets and be one of the 350 lucky people to be at the event, it must have been a disappointment if you didn’t get chance to go. Tickets had sold out and the […]

Salford Business Submarine takes on the Salford Dragon Boat Race

On Sunday 31st May 2015, Salford Business School participated in the Salford Dragon Boat Race. The event took place at Salford Quays at the largest Salford Dragon Boat Festival ever – where more than 20 teams came ready to row for charity. Competing in this race was a first for Salford Business School and for […]

Lost in translation: is the Arabic language being eroded?

Having gained an MBA from The University Of Salford it was naturally exciting for me to be invited to join the University’s United Arab Emirates (UAE) Advisory Board. The Middle East expansion of the University is a very positive development which presents outstanding opportunities for students from the region to further their education within a world-class […]

Let’s talk about what we can do with UX…

I’ve always seen the importance in User Experience (UX) but I found it a bit hard to find out where to start with really getting to know the practice and apply it in my work. As a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate in a role of Digital Marketing Executive at Salford Business School I took […]

Playing the game: CV writing and interview tips

In my time as an employer I’ve probably interviewed thousands of people, which would mean I’ve seen ten times as many CVs. Though the stats tell us we are seeing more jobs appearing, today’s labour market still demands pushing every opportunity to its limit; which means writing better CVs, making the most out of your […]