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Careers advice: how to land your #DreamJob

You’ve done it. You’ve finally done it. Three years at University have come and gone in a flash. You’ve spent thousands of pounds, you’ve endured thousands of hours staring at PowerPoint presentations and you’ve spent what felt like thousands of hours in the library, juiced up on Red Bull. But, it’s all amounted to something. […]

How to rank on Google – Step 1 to be #1

This post introduces you to the first step in the 3 step approach on how to rank on Google and become the number 1 in your field. We will go through posts 2 and 3 in future blog posts so stay tuned. By now it seems like everyone with a laptop has started a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency and most […]

Social Media and using it for your Business

So you have heard of social media and that many people and businessess are using it. But do you know about using social media for your business the correct way? I am an MSc Marketing student here at Salford Business School and I attended the ‘Creative Pro-Social Manchester’ conference on Friday 16th July. I was able […]

How do student placements work?

Are you worried about gaining work experience? When you finish university how will you stand out when applying for Graduate roles? I knew how competitive the Graduate market was. This was something I considered in my second year that drove me to apply for a student placement. I spent my third year on a student placement. I highly recommend a […]

Why we should not be surprised at the #EUReferendum result

‘Just remember this – in this country they drive on the wrong side of the road’: why we should have expected the referendum result we got. Not only will businesses have to live with the consequences of the result for a long-time, Brexit also serves as a case-study on how to make a bad decision. […]

#Brexit impressions 3 working days in

#Brexit impressions: It is early days following #Brexit result and a number of people are asking themselves if #Brexit was the right choice? Brexit impressions 3 working days in – whether or not you as an individual have someting to #Bregret at this time depends on a number of factors. The vast majority of short […]

Starting out in #online marketing?

Do you need to join an online marketing course to get the right tools for your business? For anyone who grew up in the last twenty years or so, digital or online marketing is just another thing that happens. Yet for the rest of us (those with a few more wrinkles) it’s still a major phenomenon […]

Have you got anything to #Bregret?

On Friday morning, 24th June 2016 I woke up to the news that the UK had voted to #leave at the EU Referendum. I have to admit that I was confused and I still am. I was a #Remain voter. However, practically everyone in my village was voting #Leave. I knew there were pockets of […]

#Brexit consequences

The polling stations have closed, over 30 million votes have been counted and verified and the result is in: and it’s Brexit. Over the coming months, the UK must now negotiate on a number of Brexit consequences. Below are the thoughts of academics from the University of Salford addressing some of the key Brexit consequences. […]

EU referendum: issues to consider before you #VoteRemain #VoteLeave

The vote this week on whether to leave the EU is one of the biggest decisions we will face in a generation. Here a series of experts from the University of Salford give their views on what the ramifications in areas such as employment, health, travel and the economy could be. It might just help […]