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Securing a graduate placement – everything you need to know!

Rosie Allen, 2013 BA Leisure and Tourism Management graduate and Mazen Bashraheel, 2014 BSc International Business Management graduate both secured places on the Campus Living Villages (CLV) Graduate Trainee Scheme and have since gone on to further employment.  Here they draw on their experience to offer hints and tips on securing a graduate vacancy. In […]

Has the #pizzagate incident given us a terrifying glimpse of the future?

This year has offered some dramatic lessons in the power of social media. Twice, people have confounded predictions to vote for ideas which have targeted emotional responses. Now we have President Donald Trump, and the UK Government scrambling to navigate a path out of the European Union. As 2016 draws to a close, a shooting […]

Political Marketing: all change in 2017?

Salford Business School lecturer Dr Peter Reeves writes on the importance and recent evolution of political marketing, and how the strategies employed by key players could be even more influential in 2017. I have been busy over the last year or so working on a very special political marketing project. I have been Guest Editor for […]

Is the Social Media Bubble about to burst?

Social Media Bubble questions resurface whenever Social Media attracts bad press. For example, claims that paid ads receive low levels of engagement, or that social media is a waste of time for marketers are contributing to this thinking. These statements appear to have practical support. Twitter recently announced redundancies and as a result its panicked users […]

US Election prediction: Why Trump might win #USElections2016

Am I the only one that thinks there is chance that Donald Trump actually might win in the US Election prediction? I don’t have a crystal ball, but even with Beyonce and Jay Z’s help I am just not sure Hillary Clinton can win this week’s US presidential elections. I have to tell you, I […]

Manchester – A Global Centre of Sport

Many of us here around the centre of Manchester love sport. We are all different whether we are active participants, enthusiastic spectators or avid readers, sport is often an integral part of our lives. When you engage in sport, try and think about what sport really means to you, your family and friends, the place you live, […]

Drone delivery is important #DronyMcDroneface

The recent announcement that the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will work with Amazon to test drone delivery services has been met with a series of largely negative comments. The Sun called the experiment controversial and the Telegraph implied that some testing had already occurred around the Amazon Prime Air service. The majority of reports did successfully identify the […]

Is your lack of experience limiting your ambition?

In the 2nd year of my BSc at Salford I applied for a lot of placements. Not even once did I get to the interview stage! What was I doing wrong? That was during my undergraduate degree where everyone was fairly similar in age and experience. But, when you think about  the postgrad level it gets even tougher. Suddenly […]

Why study for an MBA at Salford?

Why study for an MBA at Salford? Being able to assess a number of information sources and make judgement on the most appropriate course of action for your organisation is just one of the key skills that a Salford MBA graduate will develop. To be relevant to the business world the Salford MBA programme itself […]

The Science behind the Sports Analytics Machine

Now that SAM’s predictions for Premier League matches are on the BBC website every week, I am getting asked three questions a lot: What is SAM? How does SAM work? Is SAM any good? In this blog I hope to give pretty simple answers to these questions, and point the interested reader in the right […]