International students making a great learning experience at #SalfordUni

Pinyapat Kobkhunphaisan
Pinyapat Kobkhunphaisan

Since my arrival at Salford Business School I have learned a number of things, but one stood out for me and it is one that I did not expect away from home – that is international students friendship. There are a number of fellow international students – some of my new found friends are from Nigeria, Vietnam, China and all over Europe. All of them are studying and socialising at the University of Salford – developing great friendships and we are collectively enriching our learning experience.

I have learned a lot in the formal lectures, tutorials and practical sessions, but the cultural diversity of  other students studying on the same course added that unexpected extra dimension of international cultural awareness. I have made many friends and I am able to shared and experience multiple international cultures, ideas and opinions from different parts of the world.

Friendship provides harmony whilst studying, but it also offers a great resource since a number of modules during my degree rely on group work. Working in international groups allows me to develop team working abilities which are so important in today’s globalized world where business is increasingly relying on international trade.

International students of today are international trade partners of tomorrow

Peel Building, University of Salford
Peel Building, University of Salford

You never know if in the future one day, either your friend or you will have your own business or work for an organisation that relies of international trade. Then you will need to have access to international networks that are being forged today. This could be help in terms of a reference, informal advice or a business deal – it is always easier to consultant each other once there is an existing communication channel and friendship.

‘It is not what you know but who you know’.

Well, a recent survey in the UK found that two thirds of Britons believe that having right friends is still more important in advancing your career compared to having the right knowledge! Here at Salford Business School you have both – you get the up-to-date knowledge and access to libraries and learning resources as well as a host of businesses, networking events and a great international student community.

Manchester is a truly international city and offers great restaurants and experiences even for those international students who have had to travel thousands of miles to get here.

The knowledge for an international student

I have gained many insights in terms of subject knowledge. My MSc Marketing course allows me to learn a lot about business management, including the ability to be entrepreneurial and work for myself as well as be prepared to work in a team as if it was conducted for another organisation.

I have learned a lot of marketing related techniques which should help in developing business. There is a lot of scopes in marketing which offers a number of different career progressions pathways and I am starting to develop a better understanding of what I want to do in in my future career.

Digital Marketing and its role in business

Increasingly, the trend of digital marketing is changing traditional business and management models. New communication networks such as social network platforms are making it easy for start-ups and establish business to engage with their customers. My MSc Marketing course offers the opportunity for me to learn from the latest research and industry practitioners so that I can understand how to do business online and where to invest my efforts and energy in digital marketing.

For example, on the Search and Social Media Marketing module we have access to industry tools such as SEMRush and Google AdWords. These allow me to learn the latest thinking in digital marketing. We also have a number of industry guest speakers who share their experience and give up to date industry insights in this fast moving and changing field.

digital marketing Nicola Wheldrake

Nicola Wheldrake: guest speaker from VennDigital

Amongst international student friends, I have learned a number of new things about different business cultures as well as business etiquette in all these countries. It is fascinating to hear eye witness stories about events that you hear about in the news. For example, understanding the differences between the developed and the developing countries offers insights that are not available to you if you stay in your own country and study with others who are very much like yourself.

Do you have an international student story that you like to share?

Please do let me know how you find it being an international student and what you have gained from studying in such a culturally diverse learning environment?


  • I do agree that studying abroad have broadened my experience and my point of views. It is true that we cannot use all the knowledge and experience to apply and work in our country, however, this can make us to ‘think global, act local.’ We know what is better, we know our limit, then we try our best in our contexts. I think, this would be one of the strength point of being an international student…