Top 10 international digital marketing skills

Expanding your business online to international markets is one of the key growth areas for organisations. But how does this growth work? What skills should you and your business have in order to capitalise on this great international business opportunity? Developing the latest skills and knowledge needed to grow a business online in international markets […]

How can Geolocation benefit your business or project?

Geolocation is the locating of something using digital technology, usually on a map-like interface. Over the last decade, we have seen some great advances in geolocation and digital mapping with the rise of Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps and many other services. Google first purchased its map service in 2004 from a small Australian […]

Black Swan: Demystifying the financial crisis 2008 and avoiding the next one

At the moment there is a great opportunity to understand the most recent and, indeed, all financial crises. That opportunity is provided by the release of two films, both destined for Oscar nominations, –  The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. The first is a pretty accurate account of the rise and fall of stockbroker […]

What is Bitcoin?

Over the last few months this seemingly simple question has crossed the minds of academics, reporters and many others. In the Centre for Digital Business our discussions have focussed on the real impact that bitcoins will have on mainstream eCommerce. For the moment we have no definitive conclusion. However, the technology press picked up on the […]

2014: Celebrating the creative ingenuity of our SMEs

Professor Amanda Broderick is Dean of Salford Business School As a core component of the world economy, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in innovation, advancement and sustainable development worldwide. The University of Salford’s mission is to ‘transform lives, stimulate discovery and realise potential’. This mission is reflected in Salford Business School’s commitment […]

Ryan Giggs talks about achieving and maintaining excellence

Chris Brady, Professor of Management Studies at Salford Business School’s Centre for Sports Business, recently interviewed one of the university’s honorary graduates, Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs, about achieving and maintaining excellence. The interview was first published in the ‘Performance’ magazine which provides ideas and best practice for performance professionals in elite sport:

Welcome to the Salford Business School blog

At Salford Business School, we’re committed to helping our students gain the skills and experience to become business leaders and managers who are fully equipped to thrive in the global market place. While our focus is on innovation, entrepreneurship and business sustainability, these are just a few of the topics our blog will be touching […]