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Salford University Parkour – MSc Accounting and Finance

By May.08, 2015

Salford University Parkour -'Behind The Scenes' at Salford Business School

Salford University Parkour

Salford University Parkour -‘Behind The Scenes’ at Salford Business School.

The newly formed Furtherfaster team have devised and developed an innovative and interesting content strategy, using a Parkour expert in a promotional video, aimed at promoting the excellent Masters courses at the award winning, Salford Business School.

The #FurtherFaster team from Salford University have worked on the exciting new campaign promoting the MSc Accounting and Finance course at Salford University.

The campaign utilises the latest social media online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube to communicate with potential students and educating people on how how to change careers and gain a promotion in their workplace. The focus of the promotion is a bespoke video, which was filmed on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning on location at the Salford Business School, Salford University main Peel campus and Media City UK campus.

The #FurtherFaster filming crew

The filming crew included David Fradgley, Rob Slater, Seb Halstead and Ivy Kageha working with Igor, a parkour and free runner specialist from Salford’s Evolve Manchester gym, who is also a second year student at Salford University.

Below are some images taken from the filming day for the FurtherFaster campaign, aiming to promote courses like Accounting and Finance MSc.

Salford University Parkour - Accounting and Finance MSc

Salford University Parkour – Accounting and Finance MSc

Parkour originated in Europe with a French naval officer called George Hebert who prior to World War I promoted athletic skill based on tribes he met in African noting that their bodies were flexible, nimble, skilful and enduring. These qualities reflect the flexibility of Salford University’s block teaching approach.

Parkour was made popular in early 2000, with the rise of first person camera filming featuring Sébastien Foucan, Johann Vigroux, and Jérôme Ben Aoues, who are the superstars of the sport.

This has led to specialist gyms focusing on free running, with its reaching a height of fame, when a parkour specialist featuring in the opening credits of the James Bond film, Casino Royale, when Sebastien Foucan was chased up a crane by Daniel Craig.

Definition of parkour

The modern definition of parkour or free running describes the process of getting from A to B in the most efficient way possible, whilst maintaining as much momentum as possible, echoing that Salford University can provide excellent courses such as Accounting and Finance MSc to help prospective students progress quicker through their current career, overcoming hurdles or even helping them in changing careers to improve their quality of life.

The video has been edited by Salford University Marketing MSc and MBA students, David Aliyu, Bale Orthorha and the rest of the filming crew and will be released on 5th May. Look out for more blog updates on this exciting project.

Here is the video:
How to change your career with Accounting and Finance MSc #FurtherFaster

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