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Why MBA? #WhyMBA

8 May 2015


Why should I undertake an MBA? This question is often asked on twitter #WhyMBA as people contemplate the decision to complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA). To help respond to this question, we carried out research on the current MBA students at Salford Business School to determine what was important to them.

One of the greatest advantages of completing an MBA is the enhanced employability, 88% of Salford Business School graduates find a job or go onto higher study within 6 months of graduating according to the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. MBA graduates typically earn higher salaries then other graduates and enjoy an average salary of £96,661 according to the AMBA Careers and Salary Report 2014.

One of the biggest advantages of completing an MBA is the enhancement of your employability, in particular at senior level in an organisation. Since the MBA degree is highly valued, having such a qualification opens up the job market, increases your chances of being invited to the interview and therefore provides greater career opportunities.


Salford University Parkour – MSc Accounting and Finance

8 May 2015
Salford University Parkour -'Behind The Scenes' at Salford Business School

Salford University Parkour

Salford University Parkour -‘Behind The Scenes’ at Salford Business School.

The newly formed Furtherfaster team have devised and developed an innovative and interesting content strategy, using a Parkour expert in a promotional video, aimed at promoting the excellent Masters courses at the award winning, Salford Business School.

The #FurtherFaster team from Salford University have worked on the exciting new campaign promoting the MSc Accounting and Finance course at Salford University.

The campaign utilises the latest social media online platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube to communicate with potential students and educating people on how how to change careers and gain a promotion in their workplace. The focus of the promotion is a bespoke video, which was filmed on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning on location at the Salford Business School, Salford University main Peel campus and Media City UK campus.


How to change careers with Salford Business School

5 May 2015
how to change careers?

How to change careers?

Andy Warhol once said “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

This has never been more true in the fast paced ever-changing world in which we live in today. People often fear change, but when a change of circumstance, say a change of careers, when embraced can be hugely positive and beneficial.

One of Salford University’s famous alumni L. S. Lowry and his iconic artwork ‘going to work, 1959’ still resonates today people going in the same direction in a job they may not get any satisfaction from doing. Yet in 2015 there is a chance to change, take a new career path in Accounting and Finance.

The Salford Business School offers a beacon of hope, opportunity and progression, presenting the opportunity to be the best you can be, doing something you love and enjoy. We can show you how to change careers, if you are not satisfied in your current role, or help provide essential skills to gain promotion within your current organization.


What does MBA stand for?

5 May 2015
What does MBA stand for?

What does MBA stand for?

Officially, MBA is an acronym for Master of Business Administration, but it stands for so much more.

Really, what does MBA stand for?

We believe that MBA stands for having the capability to release your inner superhero and go above and beyond to not only reach your goals, but exceed them.

As an MBA student at Salford University, you have the opportunity to harness your skills and explore your talents to achieve extraordinary feats.

Essentially, you are given the power to discover, unleash and develop your unique super-abilities.


University of Salford is the place to start your #digitalmarketing career

27 July 2014
MediaCityUK - a place for your digital marketing career

MediaCityUK – tram station

University of Salford Business School has been in the eye-catching spot since its campus expansion into MediaCityUK. It is the first academic establishment that opened a campus at MediaCityUK, which grants it the Cutting Edge position in Digital Marketing related teaching and research.

I for one, had always a passion for a digital marketing career, and I find it a blessing to have the opportunity to study at Salford Business School and being able to benefit from the physical presence at MediaCityUK during my course.

Here are my greatest experiences so far which help me to boost my digital marketing career prospects and why I think if you are interested in this area you should choose MediaCityUK to be your destination:


Fancy a career in Marketing ?

25 July 2014
University of Salford Media City UK campus

University of Salford Media City UK campus

If you fancy an exceptional career in Marketing, Salford Business School is the place to be. I am enrolled on the MSc Marketing program. My experience so far has been awesome and far beyond my expectations, studying at Salford University is an eye opener for me in the world of Marketing and business in general  as I have been able to acquire, identify and fine-tune the key skills needed for me to succeed in my career and also my personal life.

I have gained necessary skills in the area of reaching and building relationships with customers which sums up what marketing is. Marketing is an effective continuous communication about products or services to the customers. One of the key skills needed to accomplish that goal is analyzing the consumers to understand their purchasing behaviour. There are a thousand and one reasons that influence how customers relate to products and it is important for a competent marketer to be able to communicate value.


Namitha Muthukrishnan: modern career woman’s guide

23 July 2014
Namitha Muthukrishnan

Namitha Muthukrishnan

I am Namitha Muthukrishnan, a Luxury Hospitality professional and I am currently an MBA student at the University of Salford’s Business School.

Let me begin by saying that I am extremely impressed with women at the University of Salford and here is why. It is only my first week at Salford Business School and the first thing that I noticed during the process of admissions is that our Dean – Professor Amanda Broderick is a woman.

Once classes began I found out that the Associate Dean (Academic) and the new director of the Salford MBA program are also women.

Even the Salford Business School’s building is named after a woman!

The building is named after Lady Hale who is the first Lady Law Lord in the UK. All impressive titles held by leaders in their field.


Is Salford Business School the ideal place to study Business? Let’s look at the Salford MBA!

23 July 2014
Sivashankar Chandrasekhar

Sivashankar Chandrasekhar, Salford MBA student

Hello leaders of the future! I am Sivashankar from India, currently studying on the Salford MBA course at Salford Business School, University of Salford. In this Salford MBA review I have quite a lot to share with you – if you are aspiring to do one of the most prestigious post-graduate courses in business and management – Master of Business Administration (MBA).

An MBA is certainly not for the faint-hearted – you must have a minimum of three years full-time post study work experience with evidence of managerial responsibility. This is in addition to a good honours degree or equivalent in a business related subject. Once you managed these requirements you have to choose your pathways. For example, the Salford MBA offers you the option to specialise in Digital Business, Sports Business or just go for a generic MBA.

As a student who is mid-way through my MBA course, I took some time off to reflect on why I chose Salford Business School instead of other very strong options. This is my Salford MBA review of my experience so far.

Here are some of the reasons that led me choose this particular business school and you can decide whether I was right or wrong.


Running a Successful Family Business

14 April 2014
Nazish Razaq

Nazish Razaq

This free course is prepared by Business Information Technology students. We look at how to run a successful family business by focusing on four aspects of family business:

  • What a family business is
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Family business marketing principles
  • Family business use of relevant social media networks

After introducing the concept of family business we will consider the benefits of social media, the application of proven marketing techniques and the advantages of using project management tools for improving business performance.