Social enterprises – the art of giving #IamSBSM


What is social enterprise? Starting a social enterprise business is a challenge for people who have a mission with a social purpose but also want to create a profit. Social enterprise describes how businesses achieve social, economic, community and cultural improvement through their existence.

These companies can be for-profit or non-profit organisations that create common activities to help human and environmental well-being. Most companies produce products or services that generate revenue and reinvest it into society through job creation, health care, cultural needs and the environment.

Social enterprise’s purpose

This innovation is beneficial to society because passion for solving social problems is turned into profit. Employees of social enterprises gain a sense of satisfaction from their work because they are working toward benefiting society. People can change the world by donating their time to society and charities.

This can change lives and give hope to people that need support facing a variety of difficulties. We can participate in many activities for education, health care or diversity by rewarding ordinary people for making an extraordinary impact on the world.

Muhammad Yunus’s effort for the community

Muhammad Yunus, the great Nobel Prize winner, is the founder of Grameen Bank, which was created to give business loans to women in third world countries in an effort to pull them out of poverty. He proved that even a small effort can change the development of a community by providing loans as small as £27, which was sometimes all that was needed to give beneficiaries the means to make money to support their families. Today, Grameen Bank has motivated many people to invest in social enterprise.

One of the main achievements has been to upgrade the Eye Hospital so that poor people can have  eye treatments and cataract operations at a very low cost. According to Muhammad Yunus, solving problems within your own community will help work towards solving global problems. Start with your own community! You become more confident!

Then keep going with a blog entry about your concerns and when you get more information you can share your idea. If I know how to address problems in my neighbourhood I can address problems everywhere. Once a problem is solved you will get stronger. Create your own team who share the same goals and are passionate to solve problems in your community. Start applying the ideas and implementing. Obstacles may come up but it is important to allow for them and evaluate risks.


Salford gives you the chance to join now!

If you have read this blog post until now you probably are keen to learn more about social enterprises and third sector profit and non-profit organizations. Therefore, if you are looking for a Postgraduate course, the MSc Social Business and Sustainable Marketing course is for you! You can get a great chance to enhance your knowledge and understand the social business models and sustainable marketing functions at a national and international level.

Apply today for this unique Masters course in Greater Manchester, if you are an undergraduate student or a professional in any other course. You can also join this course if you are looking for a change and feel the need to offer it in the community.

There are different intakes dates throughout the year (September, November, January, March, June and July) in the unique location of Media City UK and placement opportunities in a fast paced sector.

Salford University can give you the opportunity to join a social enterprise company in Manchester. Fulfilling a community’s needs is also Manchester’s community central main goal as well. Many other enterprises have followed the vision and invested in community shares in order to help local residents. Your investment will enable good things to happen.

Join a team today, support the community and make the difference. Do join our hash tag on Twitter #IamSBSM and share your passion for Social Business! Tell us what you get up to and how you are changing the world around us!


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