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What does Brexit mean?

17 August 2016
Alex Davies. Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Alex Davies. Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

I have attended and spoken about the recent referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union (Brexit) at many business networking type events, both before and after the vote. The primary difference I have notice from the audience at these events is that before the vote the questions and answer session would always run over time, whereas since nobody has got anything to ask. But what does Brexit mean?

The Brexit implications are slowly starting to emerge and  there may be a number of people who feel they have something to Bregret. Why am I not surprised?

First of all, not a lot has happened. David Davis was appointed Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union on the 13th of July 2016, but not a single other appointment has been made in that department. We know that Article 50 – the section of the Lisbon Treaty outlining the process by which a country leaves the EU – will not be triggered at least until next year. When that happens, we can assume that we won’t actually leave for another 2 years or more as the negotiations take place.


EU referendum: issues to consider before you #VoteRemain #VoteLeave

21 June 2016

EU Referendum 2016

The vote this week on whether to leave the EU is one of the biggest decisions we will face in a generation. Here a series of experts from the University of Salford give their views on what the ramifications in areas such as employment, health, travel and the economy could be.

It might just help you make up your mind when you reach the ballot box. None of these individuals tell you how to vote but all support the view that the decision either way will have major repercussions for all UK residents and beyond.

Whatever your view – vote and make your voice heard on the 23rd!