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My placement experience with Schibsted Media Group (SMG) in Oslo

18 April 2016
Pernille Doxrud - Placement experience Schibsted Media networking Oslo

Pernille Doxrud, MSc Project Management

In January 2015 I began studying an MSc. in Project Management. One of the reasons I chose to study at University of Salford Business School, was the possibility of a placement experience in a company whilst writing the dissertation. I believe that the practical work experience you can gain from this postgraduate programme is unique; it gives you a different angle on the dissertation, as well as possibly opening doors to permanent employment.

Higher Education courses widen your horizons, make you a more aware person. But, whilst education for general knowledge is helpful, practical work placement experience is getting more and more important in the competitive work environment. It is often challenging to find a first job after being a student for many years. A work placement will improve your CV and gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


Three questions to ask at an interview

11 November 2014
Adeyemi Adelekan, Salford MBA student

Adeyemi Adelekan, Salford MBA student

Whether it is your internship, placement or a real job interview – questions to ask at an interview are similar. Practising these questions and acting upon them during your time of study is going to be of great help for your future career.

Internships, work placements and live projects all provides the opportunity to experience the application of theories in the real world as well as enhance your knowledge about specific subject areas learnt during your degree program. It makes you more employable by boosting your CV and empowers you with essential hard and soft skills to set you apart from competitors in the job market.

My name is Adeyemi Adelekan and I am currently studying for my MBA at Salford Business School. The Business School offers live projects at all study levels from undergraduate projects to MBA level strategic consultancy. Here are the three lessons I learned from my MBA project which can help you to prepare for an internship or a real job interview.


Running a Successful Family Business

14 April 2014
Nazish Razaq

Nazish Razaq

This free course is prepared by Business Information Technology students. We look at how to run a successful family business by focusing on four aspects of family business:

  • What a family business is
  • Project management tools and techniques
  • Family business marketing principles
  • Family business use of relevant social media networks

After introducing the concept of family business we will consider the benefits of social media, the application of proven marketing techniques and the advantages of using project management tools for improving business performance.