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Teleworking: 4 Benefits for SMEs

How Teleworking is Reshaping the Modern Workplace

The joys of teleworking

The Modern Office?

The recent changes to flexible working has been hailed as a ‘green light’ for more firms to offer teleworking (working from home) as an incentive. Despite this, many SMEs claim they are unwilling or unable to offer teleworking as an option for their employees, with some businesses believing that the practice would be detrimental to their daily operations (with the most famous example being Yahoo). The case remains that what works for one business might not work for others, however their are many advantages to teleworking for SMEs, including:

1. Higher Productivity

One of the most frequent concerns for managers is that productivity will fall if they aren’t keeping an eye on their employees, however a number of studies show that when workers were left at home their productivity actually increased. Many workers found that they could complete tasks in a much shorter space of time as a result of not having to deal with office distractions, and when they did arrange meetings they maximised the time they spent together.

2. Online Collaboration

Businesses that encourage teleworking often find their staff make much better use of online tools as a part of their work when compared to more traditional businesses. When teams are working separately, they often rely on online task management software such as Basecamp to keep everyone in the loop. This actually leads to improved communication, as teams are giving a place to review their projects progress and are able to prioritise more effectively.

3. Staff Morale

Many staff members who are encouraged to telecommute report a much higher job satisfaction level, which has a positive impact on their work. Higher morale leads to less staff turnover, resulting in a stable team that is able to work together more effectively. Telecommuting is also known to reduce absenteeism, as employees are happier with their stress levels and work life balance.

4. Environmental Impact

By having less people commuting to work, many organisations are reducing their carbon footprint in a cheap and efficient way. This positive approach to business sustainability can be used as part of your communications strategy to generate a positive public impression, leading to increased trust from your consumer.

Is Teleworking the right option for your business?

Hopefully this post has helped you consider the benefits of teleworking for your organisation. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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