Composting in your staff kitchen is easy!

The Green Crescent (Crescent House Green Impact team) are now turning their teabags and banana skins into compost to feed the university gardens, reducing the need to buy in compost and thus reducing financial and carbon costs. It’s very easy: you can do it too!

  • Speak to your Building Manager. They will order you a green composting bin and biodegradable bags
  • Display your bin with the accompanying ‘What (not) to put in’ poster and make sure staff are informed (by email, poster or mention at a meeting)
  • Your Building Manager will arrange for the bin to be emptied, probably every other day. It will travel on the post truck to the Allerton Rocket Composter
  • The Tidy Planet composter, designed by Simon Webb (Macclesfield), turns food waste from the catering zones into rich compost and thus reduces the amount of food rotting into methane in landfill sites.
Crescent House composting bin takes pride of place!

Crescent House composting bin takes pride of place!

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