Meet the team

Dr Graeme Sherriff

Dr. Graeme’s research focuses on the intersection of environmental sustainability and social justice with a view to informing policy and critically engaging with debates on how environmental measures can reduce inequality and enhance social inclusion. He has published in the fields of energy, transport, food and environmental justice and played prominent roles in projects funded by the ESRC, EPSRC, DECC, Tesco and General Electric. He has worked extensively with the local government, housing, voluntary and community sectors. He is a founding member of the Fuel Poverty and Research Network and on the secretariat of the Cycling and Society Research Group.

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Dr Nick Davies

I was a researcher and lecturer at UCLAN in the areas of sustainable tourism and transportation for ten years. My work involved numerous international consortium research projects on urban mobility, sustainable communities, recreational trails for active travel and heritage tourism. I have also conducted work for many local and national government organisations, the National Trust and Sustrans. Additionally I completed a doctorate which drew together these areas, focusing on recreational walkers and their interactions with the external environment. I moved to University of Salford in October 2016, where I am currently developing the emergent area of Urban Ecology in an innovative Masters’ Course, Ecologies of Cities.

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Dr Luke Blazejewski

Luke’s research interests cross multiple disciplines, including urban ecology, film practice, environmental sustainability and cycling. He completed his PhD at Salford University in 2014 and has since used filmmaking as a tool to engage people with the natural world in urban environments. He has worked on a range of research projects, from flood mitigation strategies across Greater Manchester, to how museums might use natural collections to better connect people with nature. His films have been screened at festivals around the world, and in 2015 he received Salford University’s Alumni Achievement Award for his conservation work in the city.

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Dr Samuel Hayes

Sam’s research interests combine Planning and Geography, and centre around how we can use, create and manage our environment to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century. In his work he has looked at this from a number of positions, including impact assessment, strategic planning, health and wellbeing, historic parks, and the application of green infrastructure and nature-based solutions. He has recently connected this with mobility and green exercise, researching with runners to explore their relationships with greenspaces and the impact their practice has on wellbeing. He is particularly interested in how these strands come together and overlap, to understand the complexity and politics of our multifunctional environment.

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Clare Cornes

Clare is a part-time PhD student Her research focuses on the barriers and challenges to implementing a sustainable Mobility as a Service (MaaS) system in Greater Manchester. The research includes understanding what MaaS means in practical terms for transport planners, policy makers, related businesses and users. Alongside her PhD, Clare has held professional roles focused upon: leading the development of a Connected Autonomous Vehicle trials and deployment program; designing transport schemes that incorporate sustainable travel modes; managing multiple UK and European funded projects that utilised new technologies to improve local challenges including emissions pollution and improving citizen engagement; writing national and international position papers analysing innovation and health and sustainable transport initiatives; and, inputting into regional transport strategies to ensure new technologies are considered when designing schemes to solve city region challenges.

Photograph of Ian Cookson and Chris Boardman

Ian Cookson

Ian’s research interests are focussed on Active Travel and how we develop modal shift away from car-centric societies, working alongside TFGM and community groups. Ian’s research is aligned with his PhD, undertaken at Manchester Metropolitan University into social identity theory and transport choice. Alongside his research Ian is also a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training (SEPiT), and it is Ian’s passion for sport and physical activity which drives much of his work.

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Poppy is yet to be fully introduced to the team, but shares Ian’s passion for an active life. Poppy is very sociable, and will interrupt team calls until she gets her moment on camera.