If you’ve ever visited Manchester you’ll realise that you can wear what you want when you want – and nobody bats an eyelid. Being one of the biggest cities for culture with its famous Northern Quarter, Manchester is bursting with vintage fashion shops and outlets – leaving no outfit unthinkable! In this post I’ll be writing about my favourite places to shop for vintage fashion in the NQ, along with some of my jazzy snaps! 📸

1. Afflecks Palace


There are three main outlets inside Afflecks Palace which stock vintage clothing – catering for all types and styles, sizes and shapes. Afflecks has an extensive selection of different outlets from Punk and Goth, to a 100% vegan store!

If you have never visited Afflecks Palace before – there’s no time to waste! Get yourself delving through the era’s with their top vintage outlets!

2. Red and Blue Umbrella


Y’alright R Kid? Red and Blue Umbrella stocks the typical Gallagher brothers-esque male tracktops selection. One even has the famous Stone Roses lemon! (10 indie points) 🍋.  They also offer 10% student discount when you show your student ID in store.

3. American Graffitti 


Get down on it! American Graffiti stock tons of retro clothing. From 60’s hippies to 90’s ravers – this store has all the decades of fashion.

4. Blue Rinse


GARMS. Blue Rinse is a vintage store on Oldham Street, NQ. They also have a store in Leeds and an extensive look book on Instagram. Blue Rinse stocks re-worked vintage and alternative clothing, and the tartan and funky patterned pants that seem to be so popular recently – and there’s plenty here!



Go follow their Instagram for updates on their latest looks – and if that isn’t enough, THEY POST PICS OF JARVIS THE FRENCHIE! 🐶

5. Pop Boutique


Pop Boutique sells  e v e r y t h i n g  vintage, from sunglasses to sofas. The shop is split across two floors on Oldham Street, and they also have a pop up shop within Afflecks Palace. They also stock second hand records and tons of vintage memorabilia.

6. COW Vintage


THE PANTS!🐮 Cow Vintage, also situated on Oldham Street, have an extensive selection of re-worked modern vintage clothing. Cow takes old-fashioned items and re-works them into a retro alternative look.

7. Oxfam Originals


This isn’t just your normal charity shop. Oxfam Originals work with vintage clothing to bring high class garments to the high-street, with profits then used to fund their charitable activity. Not only can you walk away with an amazing fashion statement,  but you can also walk away knowing you have helped towards their cause.


This is only a small handful of the weird and wonderful vintage shops you can find in the Northern Quarter, go check it out for yourself!