I am a true believer that we don’t give ourselves enough time to sit and ponder about life. I think its healthy to sit and simply think, as opposed to rushing into the next thing. I was thinking of how my summer is planned, almost to the hour it seems, and how I’ve had no time to recap my first year at Salford, as well as all the wonderful memories I’ve created.

Since moving out of home in September, I can honestly say I’ve had the most amazing time of my life, and wanted to share this time with you in a selection of photos I’ve taken during my first year at uni.

Launching into student life

Image: Rhys' flat
L to R: Callum, Rhys, Natalie, Lydia, Charley – Monday 18th September 2017

This is perhaps the most memorable moment of being a “fresher”. This is the first night that our whole flat had been together. We chose to celebrate this with a “sophisticated” night out at Fifth nightclub.

Out and about

Image: Piccadilly Gardens
Piccadilly Gardens – Saturday 14th October 2017

This photo was taken the first time I was properly exploring Manchester with a mate of mine. I never would have guessed I’d be able to find my way around such a large city in just a few months time.

On air

Image: Rhys in the Shock Radio studio.
Shock Radio Studio A – Saturday 28th October 2017

This was taken shortly after I’d finished my first show on Shock Radio, Salford’s student radio station. The week’s theme was Ibiza Dance Anthems, which was great because that is completely my scene. Oh, did I mention it won me the year’s first “Show of the Week”?

Just dropping by

Image: Rhys and Pudsey Bear.
BBC Children in Need offices, MediaCityUK – Friday 17th November 2017

This one’s quite cool actually. Myself and a couple of course mates headed down to the Children in Need offices on the actual day of the fundraiser. I had to get a picture with Pudsey Bear now, didn’t I?

And we’re live in 3…2…

Image: Rhys broadcasting outside
Salford Quays – Friday 1st December 2017

One of the proudest moments of my life. My first outside broadcast for Quay’s News.

I mean business

Image: Red mug
TK Maxx Southampton car park – Thursday 14th January 2018

While to you this may look like an ordinary “soft touch” mug, to me this signifies starting my job as a Student Social Media Assistant in the University’s Marketing department. Quite a random thing to take a photo of I admit, however I sent this photo to my family Whatsapp group with the caption “for my new desk” to let them know I’d got the job. Something I hadn’t shut up about for weeks. The mug still has it’s rightful place on my desk to this date.

Oh Stace, what’s occurin’?

Southampton – Monday 25th December 2017

Reunited with my big sister Stacey on Christmas Day. While I was loving every second of life in Manchester, it was great to spend some time at home with my family.

Have we got any plastic cups?

Image: Rhys with flatmates
Our Peel Park kitchen – Thursday 8th February 2018

We were clearly taking advantage of Callum’s Polaroid camera on this occasion (he’s a bit of a hipster on the quiet.) This was such a brilliant night, for the first time ever, we were the ones hosting a party at Peel Park. As per, we wisely used the time before our guests arrived…for the PHOTOSHOOT!

Call me Nigella

Hob 3, Peel Park Quarter – Friday 2nd March 2018

This is an important moment in my year, as I finally accepted that I CAN’T COOK. It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t put tuna or beetroot in an omelette. Grim.

Oh how cosmopolitan!

Image: Rhys cocktail making
L to R: Mum, Auntie Chris, Emma, Me – Saturday 17th March 2018

My mum’s first venture up to Manchester after waving me off into Peel Park Quarter. Mum was joined by my Auntie Chris and her daughter Emma. Auntie Chris is one of those aunties who has no biological relation to you, but is definitely your auntie because she’s your mum’s mate. This is a photo of Emma and I treating our mums to a late Mother’s Day present: cocktail making at The Refinery, Spinningfields.

Story this…

Image: Rhys and Harry
The National Football Museum – Thursday 24th May 2018

This was a selfie of myself and fellow Journo first year Harry. This was taken after quite a “full-on” evening at the School of Arts and Media Journalism Awards. I was asked to attend to cover the evening on the University of Salford’s Instagram and Snapchat Stories. It was a real honour to be able to do a social media takeover, as well as attend quite a fancy do.

Here comes the sun

Image: Rhys at Parklife
Parklife 2018, Heaton Park – Saturday 9th June 2018

This is the most recent selfie of me, at Parklife 2018 with all my flatmates and friends. It was a fantastic weekend to start what is hopefully going to be a brilliant summer break, although I highly doubt it will top my first year at the University of Salford.