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Posts tagged with: leaving home

BLOG: Am I too old for university?

Being a May baby meant that I was one of the younger ones in my school year. I was always […]
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BLOG: How I made myself at home in my new city

As much as I loved being in Essex around everyone I knew, there wasn’t much left for me there. I […]
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Should I bring my car to uni?

Moving to uni gives you a great opportunity to leave all those hindrances behind and start an annoyance free life […]
Image: Rhys

BLOG: Introducing…Rhys

Who and What am I? Well hello there! My name is Rhys and I’m in my first year here at […]
Image: Ryan

BLOG: Introducing…Ryan

Hey! My name is Ryan, I’m 23 and a recent graduate from the University of Salford. In this blog post […]
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BLOG: How to battle homesickness

If you are reading this blog post, it might mean that you are already missing that little haven called home. […]
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10 film characters which sum up the move to university perfectly

You’ve received your offer, you’re beginning to pack and it’s nearly time to wave goodbye to your friends. That’s right, […]
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Making friends before uni – how Facebook can help

Starting university can be very daunting. In the weeks leading up to this new chapter of your life, a fear […]
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10 tasks you need to learn before moving out

Coming to university is one of the biggest challenges of your young adult life – bigger workload, living alone, moving […]
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10 uni essentials that everyone forgets to bring

There’s nothing more annoying than completing the big move to uni and then realising that you have forgotten to take […]
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10 things that everyone brings to uni (so you don’t have to!)

When you’ve finally moved into your new home for the year, you’ll probably find yourself using most of your new […]