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Posts by: Rhys

Well hello there! My name's Rhys and I'm a Broadcast Journalism student at the University of Salford, in my first year. I talk too much, eat too much, and do the odd bit of blogging here and there. Originally from Southampton, but currently loving life in Manchester.

Image: Construction site
Image: Diane and Ryan
Image: Ari in Venice
Image: Microscopic Bacteria
Image: Clifford Whitworth Signage
Image: Science blackboard

Top 10 Picks: Manchester Science Festival

The Manchester Science Festival is back and I for one cannot wait. Science is...

Image: Marketing desk
Image: Swimmer swimming outside
Image: TransPennine Express
Image: Purple Parasol Productions Header
Colourful debit cards
Image: Remnant inside
Image: Wenxi
Image: Time is precious sign
Image: CV Typewriter
Image: Lee with the Loose Women panelists
Image: Paul working in the Eagle Labs
Image: Clap Board
Image: Lego construction workers
Image: Sophie on a beach
Image: Learn Lettering
Image: Oliver and Rhys in TV studio
Image: Model wearing Henry's Jewellery
Image: Work Life Balance Diagram
Stressed child
Rhys on Television
Image: Callum
Image: Sadaf Smiling
Image: Natalie Aitchison
Image: Empty parking lots, aerial view.
Image: Rhys