If you’re a veggie or vegan, or just fancy giving something different a try, then Manchester is the place to be. From unique eateries to big chain restaurants, we’ve got it all, and none of them will burn a hole in the wallet (or the student loan) either. I’ve put together the best vegan eateries and bars situated across Greater Manchester, for you to feast your eyes upon! If you weren’t veggie or vegan before reading this, warning… the photos could possibly change your mind! 💚 👀 🌱

1. Zad’s Guilt-Free Takeaway, M21 8AZ

Zad’s is a vegan pizza and fast food takeaway situated in Chorlton, Manchester. They have everything from ‘The Zad Burger’ with a double patty, cheese, avocado and onions/pineapple to the ‘Pig Save Pizza’ with soya chunks marinated in fiery madras sauce. Zad’s also send 50p per ‘Pig Save Pizza’ sold to local animal or vegan charities.

2. Sandbar, M1 7HL

Vegan pizza and vegan pints?! What more could a student need! Sandbar is situated on Grosvenor Street, Manchester, just a short stroll from Oxford Road Station. They make both handmade vegan and vegetarian pizzas, and the best part is that most of their beers on draught are vegan as well!

3. Folk and Soul, M4 1ER

Folk and Soul is a plant-based cafe bar situated in the heart of the artistic centre of the Northern Quarter. It’s 100% vegan! They have a regularly updated menu, with all your favourite vegan treats, from as little as £3. Not to mention their great range of vegan beer, wine, tea and coffee.

4. Boho Utopia, M20 4AN

Peace, love, brews and good vibes. Boho Utopia is a 100% vegan cafe and hippy hideout situated in Withington, Manchester. Most of their food is also available as a gluten free option too! They have everything from boho breakfasts, light lunches and sharing plates. They even have a boho kids menu, perfect for when the family come up to visit! ✌

5. Bundobust, M1 2AG

Bundobust have two restaurants, one in Leeds and one in sunny Manchester! It’s situated on the walk from the town centre up to Piccadilly Railway Station, great to stop for a meal before the train home. They have an extensive Indian street kitchen menu, with almost everything being either vegan or gluten free. Or even both! Their main dishes range from £4-£6.50, relatively cheap but full of flavour. You can order every single dish on the menu in the ‘Bundo Combo’, a great way to get the whole flat out for a gujarat-inspired street meal.

6. Lotus, M20 4BY

Lotus vegetarian kitchen is situated in Withington, just a small bus journey out of Manchester City Centre. It was one of the first Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Manchester, and their dishes are inspired from visits to different restaurants and Buddhist temples across Asia. They have the most extensive Chinese menu I have ever seen, with literally EVERYTHING being vegan. They use mock meats as a main ingredient within their dishes, meaning you can enjoy traditional Cantonese-style food, which is entirely plant-based!

7. Eighth Day, M1 7DU

Eighth Day is a vegan and veggie healthfood shop and cafe situated on Oxford Road, Manchester. They have a large selection of vegan and vegetarian foods within their co-op shop, including both fairtrade and organic food. They also sell a large range of nutritional and herbal supplements, eco-friendly cleaning products, natural and organic cosmetics and veggie/vegan alcohol! Their cafe boasts wholesome vegetarian and vegan meals, coffee and cakes. Foodie events are held at Eighth Day most months too!

That’s just a small handful of the vegan and vegetarian gems that can be found across Manchester, and it really does seem like the place to be for all your plant-based needs. All that’s left to do now is get tasting!