After concluding my undergraduate degree, it was time to decide whether to start persuing my career or continue my education. Having heard about how good the University of Salford was especially in terms of arts and media – the notion of a postgraduate path was starting to become clearer as I approached the final months of my degree.

So, this is how my story @ Salford begins…..

While finishing my first degree it was clear that I should choose a university that would really stand out in the production management field that I am particularly interested in. Salford really offers an extensive number of courses ranging from MA Wildlife Documentary Production or TV Documentary Production to Animation and Postproduction for TV. The number of choices really did impress me, each and every course seemed really attractive and just the perfect fit for a student seeking expert knowledge and experience while learning from tutors who work in the media industry.

You can access the postgraduate course list by clicking the link below:



I chose the course most closely related to my aspirations which is the MA in Production Management. Only later during the course I would discover that 2019 is the very first year that the programme is running, but if you asked me, I would have never be able to guess, because of how well designed it is. 

In July of 2019 I arrived at the MediaCityUK with my family to explore the surrounding area. Beautiful sunny weather, helpful people at the university and the incredible architecture only reinforced my decision. At this stage I was still struggling a little to decide whether I am making a good move. Sometimes we have to take risks, a leap of faith. I am sure some of you can relate. After attending an online interview with one of the module leaders, I was provided with all the information about the course that I required and really I became even more excited and eager to start the course. It only took a week of being enrolled at the university to understand that I had made the best decision possible.


Salford seems like a perfect place to live. Peel Park Quarter is comfortable and convenient student accommodation complex. Everything such as shops, pubs and cinemas and a gym are close to the main campus, yet you avoid the congestion found in big cities like London, a perfect package for me. Additionally it is essential to mention that the main campus is located literally next to the Salford Crescent train station. Traveling or commuting makes it really convenient for students who like to save as much time as possible on their journeys. What is more, the number 50 bus is completely free to all Salford students, provided they have their Student ID card. Taking trips to MediaCityUK feels effortless, it gives you one less thing to worry about. If I had to pay for a bus every single day, I would rather walk, but then I would be definitely always late for class! Below I tried to contextualise the most important points into a short list of adjectives describing best why I love Salford!

  • Marvelous (Surroundings and Peel Park)
  • Convenient (Transport)
  • Up-to-date (Equipment)
  • Modern (Architecture)
  • Welcoming (Atmosphere)
  • Understanding (Tutors)
  • Accessible (Facilities)
  • Extensive (choice of restaurants/shops/entertainment)


I remember the first time I entered the library. I was shocked how huge and well-thought through the building was. Not only you can sit with your friends in the cosy study areas with tables in the middle and sofas on both sides, but also it is divided into 3 floors.

On the second floor there is a ‘team’ based study area. There are even deck chairs which are so comfortable to sit on. Sometimes I put my headphones on and play the sound of ocean, seagulls and waves – the most relaxing thing ever. On the third floor the silent study area is located. However, what really has impressed me most was the scale of the library. At first it seemed like a maze. I was looking for a book but the search was slowed by the sheer interest in exploring every corner. There is so much space for studying and it is opened 24/7 which makes it a perfect place for all nighters if needed.


If you want to pursue a career in BBC, ITV or other media production companies studying here just makes perfect sense. The School of Arts and Media is located both on the main campus as well as in the heart of the Media City. Opportunities for internships, work placements and job shadowing are endless. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, hard work and dedication.

The University’s building is located near incredible restaurants such as Wagamama or Pret a Manger and the Lowry Outlet Manchester with an extensive selection in the food court, which makes it a perfect place to eat if you have forgotten to prepare your lunch. If you are looking for some culture, in the area you might also find Imperial War Museum North, the Lowry Theatre. The legend has it you can also try wake boarding in the summer in the Docks. The Quays are definitely stunning, so don’t hesitate to take as many pictures as possible. Perfect opportunity for boosting your Instagram profile. On the left you can see an original and playable machine including games like Mario, a perfect choice if you want to compete with your friends or just have some fun during breaks. Overall University of Salford is very impressive, but it’s the little details that really make this place stand out. Being here for less than two months now I begin to understand how many things I have yet to explore.

Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company. 

Booker T. Washington

I stumbled upon this wise citation back in my first year and it enabled me to understand how important the message is. No matter what area you are trying to succeed in, it is essential to surround yourself with people with the same attitudes and passions. It is mainly about the mutual connections and ambitions to achieve great progress. Moreover, at Salford students and staff collaborate extensively to learn and achieve great results in the field. Especially when it comes to MA courses, the classes are smaller and you are able to learn specifically subjects you are interested in. That is what really appeals to me about the university, the effort is on both sides.

Another important benefit is the view from the university building @MediaCityUK

I would definitely recommend that you take a picture on a sunny day. Although one might say it’s not all about the perspectives that we have in life, I would strongly disagree. Learning environment is extremely important. Thus, when you are able to gather knowledge in a stunning place with a lovely view that enables you to gain massive amounts of motivation just by being there, indeed it is a perfect combination. That is what really stands out to me about Salford. No matter how hard your day is, just looking into the distance and imagine your future as well as feeling the gratitude of how privileged your are studying here helps immensely. Trust me, it really helps, and it’s completely true as well.

Did Salford exceed my expectations?

Most definitely! Meeting likeminded people who love being creative, tutors who are currently working in the industry (providing a real insights and knowledge) as well as the quality of the media equipment is just astonishing. The Quays and the main campus are just really nice areas. I have never had a thought such as “I wish I was somewhere else”, simply because if you are in the right place at the right time, well, the rest is up to you.

Student Social Media Content Creator

I know, it is quite a long job title. I joined the Marketing Team here at Salford in November and I must say it has been an incredible experience so far. Working along side other amazing content creators has been very rewarding. I cannot wait for more powerful projects that are yet to be completed in a few months.

Also, recently I had an opportunity to take these pictures with some amazing gear. These will show you how beautiful the campus really is. Enjoy 🙂