So…you’re sat at the computer continuously refreshing the page and an offer from the University of Salford pops up! Great, but what do you do now?

1. Accept you are going to university!

You have accepted your university offer. It has now dawned on you that you have to accept the idea of going to university! The next few minutes should probably be spent cheering and arm pumping. You did it, congrats!

2. Brag to ALL of your friends…

What does going to university mean if all of your friends and their grandmas don’t know? Exactly, so get on the phone and tell the world.

3. DANCE around your room with excitement!

Let out your best dance moves, both in celebration of going to university and practice for the upcoming Fresher’s week.

4. Mention it to EVERYONE you bump in to.

You obviously don’t have everyone’s phone number, so take it to the streets. Go for a walk around your neighborhood and spread awareness of your good news.

5. Order pizza and ice cream tonight, you earned it.

After your busy day of campaigning you need an energy refill! Does pizza and ice cream hit the spot?

6. say GOODBYE to your parents!

Uni life is about to begin! Whether you are moving out or staying at home, your parents will definitely get upset. Say goodbye and welcome in the big next stage of your life!

Now, what next? Visit our Offer Holder Hub to find out.

image: 6 things to do when you accept your university offer