You may have noticed that we’ve got a bit of a theme going on this month. 👀

#ThinkingThursdays 🧠

We’ve been working on a series of quirky quizzes that are sure to get your brain ticking, launching across the University’s social media channels on Thursdays throughout May. 🗓️🎉

This week we hosted the emoji quiz, and if you gave it a go, then you might be wondering what the answers are. 🤯

Wonder no longer – I hope you didn’t loose too much sleep trying to decipher exactly what course was depicted through the wonderful world of emoji’s. 💭

Check out the answers below! 👇

1️⃣ Nursing

2️⃣ Psychology

3️⃣ Sports Science

4️⃣ English

5️⃣ Biology

6️⃣ Zoology

7️⃣ Acoustic and Audio Engineering

8️⃣ Criminology

9️⃣ Property and Real Estate

🔟 Tourism Management

So there you have it, the answers you’ve all been waiting for!

Think you could do better? 🤔

Leave a comment below using 3️⃣emoji’s to describe what course you’ve either applied for or are studying, and I will do my best to guess.

#ChallengeAccepted 😎