Whilst moving to university is an exciting time, it can still seem super stressful, especially when choosing your accommodation! So, I’ve collated a few tips and tricks on what I feel everyone should know before booking their accommodation on-campus…


Peel Park Quarter accommodation is great for students who are studying at the New Adelphi or Lady Hale Building, but if your course is based in Allerton or Mary Seacole, the walk is about 10 minutes, not too far but good to keep in mind. It’s not an issue if you’re looking to study at our Frederick Road Campus, because our John Lester and Eddie Colman blocks are just a 5-minute walk from there AND right next to the Salford Shopping Centre…bonus! Peel Park accommodation is also a 20-minute walk away from Salford Shopping Centre, which doesn’t seem that far…but feels like it when you have to walk back from Aldi with all those bags!

PPQ is also right next door to Peel Park, so make the most of it! Go for a walk, a jog, meet your friend for coffee and make the most of living next to such a beautiful hang out spot, you’ll miss it when you have to move out…


Try to choose a floor that you’re okay with walking up the stairs to. Even two flights of stairs were too much for me sometimes when I lived there, especially when I had to drag my shopping bags up with me too! There is a lift, but sometimes the stairs are a quicker option. Carrying a couple of shopping bags may be a bit of a pain every week but move-in day can be a nightmare if you have loads to bring to the top floor! So, either pack light, or choose a floor that works best for you.

Facilities and Appliances:

Make the most out of the gym facilities when you’re there! The gym is free with your accommodation and was never that busy when I went. They have a variety of different fitness machines, mats and that much needed water refill station. You’ll miss this when you move out and have to start paying for your own private gym membership…and these are expensive.

You are given a wide range of different appliances to use, a list of this can be found on the Campus Living Villages website.



Again, make the most of having these appliances because it’s not uncommon for students to have to provide everything. I can’t tell you how long I went without a hoover in my privately rented flat…seriously, I don’t want to talk about it.

Who to live with:

Really think about how many people you want to live with because you’ll most likely be with them for the rest of the year. If you prefer a quieter space but still enjoy the company of others/socialising in a small group, then definitely go for a smaller sized flat. Also make sure you put down those preferences when you apply. Tell Campus Living Villages what type of person you are so that they can find the best people for you to live with based on your answers.

Choosing a bigger flat ensures that there will be more people and a bigger space. This is a great option if you love to socialise, consider yourself more of an extrovert and like to interact with other people. Your accommodation is the first place you’ll go to make friends as you have that short period of time before lectures officially start. So, use it as an opportunity to get to know people! Here’s a quick tip! Just because there’s more people in your flat, does not mean your room will be bigger…it’s just the kitchen for the flat that will be bigger!

A cheaper alternative:

Even though Peel Park Quarter have some really reasonably priced rooms, you may want to save a bit of extra cash by trying something cheaper. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend the student accommodation by Salford Shopping Centre, the John Lester and Eddie Colman blocks. These halls are fantastic if you’re looking to study near the Allerton and Mary Seacole buildings on Frederick Road campus. They have a free gym available for all tenants as well! It’s just a short walk away from Salford Shopping Centre where you can find all your favourite supermarkets to do your big shop in. It follows the same system as Peel Park, with your own room and shared kitchen/lounge. The only main difference is that the bathroom is shared with your other future flat-mates.

Well, there you have it. Some simple yet effective tips and tricks for on moving on-campus. Now all that’s left to do, is book! Offer-holders should look out for an email from us in February/March that’ll have all the information you need. In the meantime, you can check out further details and photos on the link below.