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Places to live in Greater Manchester: Stockport

One of the biggest choices you will have to make when moving abroad to study is where to live. Greater […]
Denton, Tameside Greater Manchester

Temi’s experience finding accommodation with a family

Temi came to Salford from Nigeria with her family to study MA Production Management for TV, Film and Digital Media. […]

The insider’s guide to booking your on-campus accommodation

Whilst moving to university is an exciting time, it can still seem super stressful, especially when choosing your accommodation! So, […]
Image of a pair of feet wearing orange trainers walking up blue steps

Q&A: The life of a commuter student

Imagine living so close to your preferred university that you have the choice to live at home OR in university […]
Socks in bed

How to make your student room more homely

After living at university for three years, I feel confident in being able to help you make your room super […]
Pile of clothes on the floor

10 uni essentials that everyone forgets to bring

There’s nothing more annoying than completing the big move to uni and then realising that you have forgotten to take […]
Facebook on mobile

Making friends before uni – how Facebook can help

Starting university can be very daunting. In the weeks leading up to this new chapter of your life, a fear […]
Photo of a hand writing down a checklist in a notebook

10 Things You Definitely DON’T Need to Bring to University:

Packing for university is a daunting prospect. Suddenly, you realise how much stuff you have collected over the years, and […]
Woman loads washing into a washing machine

10 tasks you need to learn before moving out

Coming to university is one of the biggest challenges of your young adult life – bigger workload, living alone, moving […]
Multiple toilet rolls stacked up

10 things that everyone brings to uni (so you don’t have to!)

When you’ve finally moved into your new home for the year, you’ll probably find yourself using most of your new […]
Image of dirty dishes in the sink

Top tips on how to be a good flatmate

One of the big changes when you come to university is that you suddenly find yourself living with a group […]
Home lettering

How to make your student house or room more homely

Ahhh, student accommodation. Whether you’re about to start your first year living in halls or you’ve moved into a student […]