From Cyprus to Salford: Meet the student juggling full time study with a thriving business venture

Meet Shirin Mazaheri: a driven MSc International Business student from Cyprus, who embarked on her academic journey at the University of Salford after completing her undergraduate degree in Information Technology and Masters in Computer Engineering in Malaysia. With a diverse background, Shirin has already dabbled in entrepreneurship, having ventured into two businesses in the past.

Photo of Shirin Mazaheri - MSc International Business student
Photo of Shirin Mazaheri – MSc International Business student

One of her entrepreneurial endeavors was an ambitious fusion of art and technology, with branches in Cyprus and London.

“It was positioned within an art gallery in London, we blended art and technology by working on IT projects to create platforms supporting various aspects of the art industry. This included things like art exchanges, online art shops, auctions, and other tech-integrated services,” explains Shirin.

Following this, Shirin forged ahead to start her newest business venture: Zounax.

“Zounax provides digital marketing services. It is an international business with customers in multiple countries. It provides various services, from website development to digital marketing and online appearance of businesses,” says Shirin. “I’m really proud that even though I have taken a step back to pursue full time study, the business continues to thrive!”

Reflecting on her decision to pursue studies at Salford Business School, Shirin says: “The reason I decided to study MSc International Business at the University of Salford was because when I visited their website, I found it to be very detailed and informative. Additionally, the reviews I saw from other students indicated a high level of satisfaction with the education they were receiving. This really motivated me to apply to the University of Salford.”

When discussing the skills she hopes to gain from MSc International Business, she cites a desire to deepen her understanding of business, risk assessments, business analysis, strategies, and overall business improvement techniques.

“Shirin exemplifies the essence of entrepreneurship – resilient, innovative, and driven,” says Dr Adrian Monaghan, Senior Lecturer in International Business. “I have every confidence that with the guidance and resources available here at Salford, Shirin will continue to flourish and carve out a remarkable path in the business world.”

Speaking on her future, Shirin states that: “Right now, my main focus is gaining practical experience in my field. Once I have got that down, I will leverage the insights and expertise gained from my coursework to enhance my international business, Zounax.”

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