MSc Digital Business student, Dotun Awosika, shares his top tips for anyone considering studying at Salford.

Photo of MSc student Dotun Awosika
Photo of MSc student Dotun Awosika

If you are thinking about attending Salford Business institution, I recommend fully embracing the abundant opportunities for personal and professional development that the institution provides. Engage in extracurricular activities and contemplate assuming positions such as a course representative. This not only enables you to contribute to enhancing the academic experience, but also cultivates a feeling of community and collective achievement. Do not hesitate to engage in mentorship or tutoring positions, since these opportunities not only benefit your peers but also improve your own comprehension and abilities.

Utilise the favourable and stimulating atmosphere facilitated by the instructors and mentors. In addition to the academic curriculum, they provide counsel that goes beyond and their enthusiasm for the things they teach fosters an engaging learning environment. Furthermore, it is advisable to engage in events and panels, as these encounters provide distinctive perspectives and chances for establishing professional connections.

Moreover, Salford Business School’s dedication to engaging students in conversations regarding new subjects, such as AI, demonstrates the institution’s progressive mindset. This inclusive position offers students an opportunity to actively participate in significant discussions that are influencing the trajectory of business and technology.

If you have ambitions for future academic endeavours, pursuing a PhD degree after completing your master’s at Salford University is a wonderful opportunity. The university’s conducive and encouraging atmosphere creates the conditions for exceptional academic performance and ongoing achievement. In summary, I recommend taking advantage of all the chances for engagement, education, and cooperation provided by Salford Business School, as they have the potential to enhance your academic and professional experience.

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