We talk to BSC Business Management with Sport student Ethan Comley about his Salford experience, his course, advice for future students and his plans after Salford

Photo of Business Management with Sport student Ethan Comley
Photo of Business Management with Sport student Ethan Comley

All About the Course

I decided to study a BSc Business Management with Sport at Salford as I believed in the University’s recent growth. I felt that studying this course would give me the appropriate tools to succeed in my career.

Business Management with Sport is a relatively new course, run by an exceptionally professional and interconnected course leader whose primary goal is for his students to succeed. We have studied a diverse range of topics that have given great insight into how sporting organisations run and how sporting events are hosted. The course has had a similar structure over first and second year, with each year being split into two semesters consisting of three modules each to tackle. The course has been practical and linked well to industry.

For me personally, the course has been exactly what I thought it would be when applying, this is a credit to the course leader. The course features lecturers and guest speakers who have worked in industry and are equipped with quality examples and advice from their careers. This has given me great insight into how the industry is run. The practical aspects of the modules also really excite me, an example of this is one of our assessments in which we are currently exploring digital activation for sporting clubs. We have been tasked to create the blueprint of a mobile app for a sporting club of our choice which to me, is as hands-on as it can get when it comes to assessments.

Employability at Salford Business School

During my time at Salford, I’ve really been able to improve my resource management and project management skills. Teamwork has also been a staple of a substantial amount of our assessments, therefore developing the need to manage and work with other students to complete these assessments on time and to a high standard. Currently, we are working with a few industry clients and have previously undertaken a ‘Professional Development’ module. These are teaching me how to appropriately conduct myself in a professional setting and how to work alongside others in my industry.

Our course works alongside an academic tutor who has aided me countless times in achieving high grades across all my modules. All students have access to a plethora of academic resources and support to ensure we have the best chance of completing our assessments to a high standard.

The Best Bits

Personally, I feel the best bit about my life at Salford has been the emotional intelligence, professionalism and empathy shown from authoritative figures around the university, including lecturers and other members of staff. This was a big change for me in contrast to my upbringing and I couldn’t be more grateful for how well they have fostered my excitement for knowledge and developed my skills from a professional standpoint.

I would certainly recommend Salford to other students thinking about studying here. I speak about how intriguing my course is from a sporting perspective to a lot of my friends back home as we all have similar interests. In fact, one of my friends was recently asking me to explain the ins and outs of how my studies are going within the Business School as he had seen how passionate I am and wants to feel the same way. He is now considering joining my course. Don’t worry! I won’t be demanding a referral fee!

Advice for Future Students

My advice would be that even if you consider your base knowledge of Business lacking from school or other early education, do not be disheartened. The courses at the Business School treat all first-year students as if they were new to this world. You do not need previous knowledge in your subject, if you have a newfound passion for a form of Business, I suggest you go for it and see where it takes you.

Life After Salford

I would love to work in the sports business industry, which department yet, I do not know exactly. I am deeply excited by the prospect of converting both my long-term passions of sport and business into my career.

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