We speak to LLB Law with Criminology student Sidney Yeomans about their experience studying a law degree at Salford Business School.

Photo of Sidney Yeomans
Photo of Sidney Yeomans

All About the Course

I chose to study at Salford because everything about the university just seemed spot on! The campus layout, accommodation, course structure, locality, academic support and extracurricular opportunities —Salford has it all — and I knew it was where I wanted to study.

My course is a combined course; it pairs two extremely interesting yet differing areas of study. While law requires clear, logical thinking when studied and applied, criminology allows the mind to explore the multiple aspects of sociology related to crime. The course remains a qualifying law degree, as the study of criminology enhances the study of criminal law.

The aspect I enjoy most about my course is how it can be applied to everyday life. In almost every teaching session I subconsciously relate the content we are studying to how it can affect people living normal lives and when such laws would apply.

Employability at Salford Business School

Throughout the course I have picked up on a range of skills, including but not limited to: teamwork, independent work, essay writing, debating skills, analysis, leadership, communication, resilience and much more! Any skill I learn from my degree can always be transferred to an employability skill. These qualities will always be sought after by employers.

Student Support

In my first year, I received a high amount of support and guidance, which has not diminished at all throughout my course. Around assessment deadlines, the lecturers are so supportive by offering drop-in sessions, posting online revision tips, checking through essay plans and most importantly, having an open-door policy for any questions or queries.

The Best Bits

My highlight at Salford so far would have to be passing all my level 4 assessments with a first-class grade. First year can be very nerve racking as a degree is something you will have never experienced before, however when I saw that I averaged a first-class grade on the year as a whole, I was beaming with pride!

I would certainly recommend Salford Business School to anyone, not only for the quality support you receive from academics, but also for the wider opportunities that are offered. I now work as a Student Ambassador for the school, helping them out at open days and earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend a dinner at Lincoln’s Inn! Such opportunities I would not have had without Salford Business School.

Life After Salford

I have recently been researching post-graduate degrees following graduating with my LLB. The University of Salford run some great courses, as do the University of Law where you can study for a LLM whilst completing your examinations and training to become a solicitor and barrister.

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