Former BSc Business and Management (now BSc Business Management) student Jill Arkoh Otabil shares with us her experiences completing a summer internship at Happski & Company – a Manchester-based start-up which specialises in helping tech businesses with their next round of funding.

Photo of Jill Arkoh Otabil working at a computer
Photo of Jill Arkoh Otabil

Securing the Perfect Internship

After my first year as a Business and Management undergraduate,  I was awarded a full-year European Scholarship to France. 

During this period abroad, I was exposed to the marketing and advertising field. I returned to England in June 2020 and decided to be practical with the knowledge acquired.  With the help of the employability hub, I got a three months marketing and business development internship at a marketing start-up in Media City.

The Internship Experience

Happski & Company is a Manchester-based design & consulting firm which specialises in helping tech businesses with their next round of funding. I joined the company at an early stage, before the company even had a website or any online presence. During this summer internship, I was working directly with the CEO and had a significant impact on the overall success of what the company is today.

With the skills already acquired through my Salford experience, I was able to shape the company’s culture, business fundamentals and had a massive effect on the overall look of the marketing strategy. 

 During my internship, I have definitely learnt time management and project management tools. Happski & Company exposed me to different agile management methodologies, such as Sprint, Scrum, Waterfall, and a mix of all.  I structured my working hours in a way to create balance and keep me stimulated throughout the day. I achieved this by productively, delivering all the tasks by measuring them against detailed time tracking, organisational deadlines, and operational expenses. These are skills that are needed in companies and will help to increase my employability. 

I’ve had many highlights from my time here, including being able to manage key deliverables such as 

  • Launch of the website
  • Company’s culture and core values listed on the website
  • Bringing to life Social Media Channels 
  • Employee’s handbook 
  • Case Study 

The Salford Business School Experience

Professional confidence is the results of Salford’s curriculum.

Throughout the delivery of the modules, I was constantly learning new skills as well as enhancing already acquired knowledge. Salford aims to increase students’ understanding and prepares them to face any obstacles. 

The role of the teaching team also plays a significant part in building professional confidence. We are encouraged to seek help and ask questions when we struggle with modules. So during my internship asking for further training or enlightenment about a task was never a problem. 

Furthermore, asking the right questions builds critical thinking. During my internship, I was in constant conversation with the CEO. 

Internship Top Tips

Consider Start-ups when searching for an internship.

Interning in a start-up may feel like a fulltime position. In my case, I was their first intern, but I realised that this opportunity had two exposures:

  • A close look into entrepreneurship since I was working closely with the CEO
  • A deeper understanding of the operational industry due to the dynamic changes of the company 

Before embarking on the journey of finding a company, match your values to their mission statement and then work on your cv.

As Salford students, we have unlimited access to the career team, who can guide you in preparing your professional cv and cover letters. They also provide workshops ensuring that all students are well equipped for their work experience.

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