Azeem Amir, Salford Business School student, is one of many young entrepreneurs who has taken part in in the Salford Business School Launch Scheme. Recently students have been awarded the Santander CEO Fund that was made available to the emerging businesses who have taken part in the scheme. 

Launch Business Incubator
Launch Business Incubator

I would like to say a huge thank you to Santander for the funding I was awarded earlier in the year to help towards my new startup business idea. Not only did the funding make it easier for me financially, but it also meant I was able to access the amazing work the Salford University Launch Incubator provide in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs like myself. 

The funding and the Launch Incubator have allowed me to develop an idea that I was passionate about, into a fully registered trading business with an industry business plan, legal structure, market strategy and cost budget analysis. The Salford Business School staff and kick-starter business growth hub programme have given me both the tools and the guidance needed to develop my idea.

My startup is called Learn with ESS and it is an initiative that uses ESS (Education, Sport and Speaking) based activities to provide a unique and interactive team cohesion experience whilst addressing stigmatized issues surrounding disability. Learn with ESS aims to change individual perceptions within society – to reshape towards a more unified future for our current learners.  

The funding I was awarded will be put towards improving the quality and standard of equipment used to provide classroom and sports hall training sessions. It allows me to market the programme in a more professional manner and will help bring another staff member on board meaning demand for the program can be sufficiently met whilst quality is upheld. It will help assist with qualifications such as British Sign Language and coaching qualifications which will allow us to expand the program to other areas of disability and provide further awareness of our programme.  

The current pandemic has been a very challenging period for all start-up businesses including mine, which has meant I have had to adapt to utilising online resources the best I can. It has been a challenge, however a great opportunity to make the most of online delivery and networking. These positives are things I will take forward and continue to implement post-pandemic.  

My plans for when I complete my undergraduate studies at university are to continue studying onto postgraduate and take on a Masters in Digital Business.  

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