A day in the life of a Salford Business School alumna

Picture of Salford Business School Alumni, Lorna Cole.
Salford Business School Alumna, Lorna Cole.

Salford Business School alumna, Lorna Cole, graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies and Marketing Management in 2011.

Since graduating, Lorna has moved to Abu Dhabi working as a Marketing and Communications Officer at Global Medical Solutions.

Lorna is one of our many alumni who is making the most of the knowledge gained as part of her studies at Salford Business School. Lorna is discovering that living in a different country is in itself, a great way to discover new skills and embrace new experiences when having to adapt to a new way of life, work and culture.

Do you want to know what a day in the life of a Marketing and Communications Officer in Abu Dhabi is like?

Here is Lorna’s ‘day in the life’ blog post which describes her typical working day in Abu Dhabi…

My home: Abu Dhabi in the UAE

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populated city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also my home since 2012, where I live on a smallish T-shaped island.  The size of the island means that nothing is much further than 20 minutes away.

Each morning I get up at 6 am and I start my day with a coffee. I take a ten minute taxi ride to work and start working at 7 am.

My hours can vary slightly, but the majority of the time I work 7 am to 3 pm.  My company’s main client is the UAE Military, so we have working hours that reflect theirs in order to be available to them. My office is based within the grounds of a military hospital, so I have to show my pass to the guards on the gate to get access to my office.

Image of Abu  Dhabi
Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates: photo courtesy of Colin Capelle (CC BY 2.0) http://goo.gl/lKmA7Q

My role: Marketing and Communications

As Marketing and Communications Officer of a hospital management firm, my first task of the day is to scan the news for healthcare stories.  I check Google Alerts for new governmental health initiatives and regulations, and anything else that might be relevant. I use this information as a basis for social media communications and schedule our posts for the week. I also respond to queries on social media.

I usually have some emails from suppliers with samples to follow up on, asking for my feedback on the latest version of a design for our promotional or communications material. I’m responsible for coordinating anything from branded stationary, to exhibition stands, improving the website design and corporate brochures. I am currently updating the copy on the website. I write the copy in English and where it needs to be in Arabic, I commission an agency to translate it in the regional style.

My latest work projects

At the moment, I am making preparations for a healthcare exhibition in Dubai. I’ve coordinated sponsorship of the delegates’ lunch area for which I am working on the branding with a freelance designer. We will also have a booth there so preparations need to be made for a team to be sent there to represent us, making sure they have all the materials they need and arranging accommodation and briefing packs.

As a small/medium sized company, we have an ‘all hands on deck’ approach which is great for team morale and working culture. For example, I am currently helping out on the Employee of the Quarter Scheme, forming a committee to help judge the nominations and give recognition to deserving employees. This also helps embed our company values and rewards those who live by them.

If we have a tender due for submission, I support the team in helping to piece together the relevant information.  I help to ensure that the content which is supplied by different departments is stylistically consistent, proofread and well presented.  I also have to ensure that the the final document meets all the outlined criteria and is correctly branded.

I normally take a short lunch at the hospital canteen with some colleagues. As one of only two British people in the company it’s interesting to chat with people about their different perspectives and experiences.

Outside of work

If I finish work on time, I sometimes go for a swim.  However, if the sun has set, I take advantage of the cool(ish) winter air and take a jog along the sea front, or around the running track that circles the park. The expat culture means its easy to make friends. I will quite often meet up with friends for cheese and wine, or for a few quiet drinks at one of the hotel bars on the beach front. I am always sure to get an early night though when work begins again the next day!


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