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The impact of social media in higher education

23 September 2015

You may well be wondering why a nurse has been invited to blog for Salford Business School, I asked the same question until I recognised that using social media in nurse education is part of our business. As a lecturer in children’s nursing, I am also part of the fitness for professional practice team and a few years ago I noticed an increase in referrals of student misconduct using social media platforms.

At the same time I was seeing a decrease in student communication via more traditional channels of email, telephone and the virtual learning environment and instead I was being asked by some students to use social media.

In an attempt to try something different, I began in 2012 with a personal twitter account (@wlasinclair) wondering if anyone was even interested in my posts. I had incorrectly presumed that all of our students would use twitter and even more inaccurately believed that they would communicate with me via twitter.


Best business school in the UK recognised for teaching and professional excellence

22 June 2015
Debra Leighton

Debra Leighton

The best business school in the UK continues to impress judges and further highlighted it’s excellence when it comes to teaching and administrative support. Three Salford Business School projects were recognised by the Vice Chancellor Awards and announced at the University Day on the 16th July 2015.

Teams of academic and professional services staff from Salford Business School were awarded two Vice Chancellors Distinguished Teaching Awards and a Highly Commended Award.

These awards continue to show Salford Business School’s ambition to prepare our students for the real world. What made the school entries stand out?


Salford Business School Ball – A night to remember

17 June 2015
Seema Dosanjh

Seema Dosanjh

This year’s Salford Business School Ball took place on Friday 29th May at Hotel Football (owned by Manchester United’s Class of ’92) and was the biggest to date as it sold out with 260 people in attendance.

The Salford Business School Ball is an annual black-tie event that not only brings together final year and postgraduate students, staff, and alumni, but celebrates their success as well. However, this year the event was more spectacular than ever as Salford Business School celebrated winning Times Higher Education ‘Business School of the Year’ Award.


Alien Sightings: SalfordUniversET on Campus!

6 May 2015
Salfod UniversE.T.

Salfod UniversET

Yes! You heard it right we have Alien sightings at the University of Salford, it is confirmed to be particularly prominent amongst MSc International Events Management students.

Alien life form has been sighted at the University of Salford; it has been seen walking around Salford Business School helping students find their way to a better future.

It is believed that the Alien who people are calling SalfordUniversET has come from the future and is now showing us humans what the future lies for them.

Many students believe that SalfordUniversET glasses are the gateway to the future.

Until now it has shown the way to many students from across the globe.


What is Event Management?

5 May 2015

International event managementHave you ever wondered about the intricate details behind the Olympics opening and closing ceremony? How about the organisation of the World’s biggest fair Expo 2015?

What about the winning country’s coloured confetti that falls down on the finals of the FIFA World Cup? All these occasions are great examples of event management in practice.

There is a lot of thought that goes into organising such complex international events. The average spectator is unaware of the complexities and all the planning that is behind all of these unforgettable experiences. These occasions are created by event management professionals that work tirelessly co-ordinating, planning and managing teams of individuals.

Event management is the art and science that helps to create a successful event…


Playing the game: CV writing and interview tips

12 February 2015

Article by Craig Dean, CEO Web, Applications UK Ltd

In my time as an employer I’ve probably interviewed thousands of people, which would mean I’ve seen ten times as many CVs. Though the stats tell us we are seeing more jobs appearing, today’s labour market still demands pushing every opportunity to its limit; which means writing better CVs, making the most out of your experience, and preparing as best you can for any interviews you’re invited to.

This is doubly important for students of Computer Science, who have recorded an 11% rise in undergraduate enrolment in the last academic year, the joint highest with Biological Sciences, where the recorded average across all subjects was a 2% decrease.

This tells us that though the overall job market is on the up, when it comes to software development, the long-celebrated surplus of available jobs is starting to narrow. There always has been, and will continue to be serious competition. The astute job seekers (the ones reading this blog) will put themselves ahead of the curve and make sure they’re in the best position possible.


Fancy a career in Marketing ?

25 July 2014
University of Salford Media City UK campus

University of Salford Media City UK campus

If you fancy an exceptional career in Marketing, Salford Business School is the place to be. I am enrolled on the MSc Marketing program. My experience so far has been awesome and far beyond my expectations, studying at Salford University is an eye opener for me in the world of Marketing and business in general  as I have been able to acquire, identify and fine-tune the key skills needed for me to succeed in my career and also my personal life.

I have gained necessary skills in the area of reaching and building relationships with customers which sums up what marketing is. Marketing is an effective continuous communication about products or services to the customers. One of the key skills needed to accomplish that goal is analyzing the consumers to understand their purchasing behaviour. There are a thousand and one reasons that influence how customers relate to products and it is important for a competent marketer to be able to communicate value.


From Salford MBA to Debt Solution Centre

25 July 2014
Muhammad Rafiq

Muhammad Rafiq

Welcome all allow me to take you through a journey from University of Salford MBA all the way through to working at Debt Solution Centre Limited, ‘oh’ and all the bits in between.

Who am I?

Well I’m a graduate in BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science from the University of Salford, currently working at Debt Solution Centre Limited. Avid follower/supporter of Liverpool FC and a keen traveller.

22 years of age I graduated from University of Salford in Biomedical Science in 2012. But I decided to explore other avenues and get a degree in business. Shortly after graduation I decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Salford starting September 2013 at the age of 23.


MSc Marketing at Salford Business School – “Try it – Love it!”

23 July 2014
Minh Trang Vu

Minh Trang Vu

Paulo Coelho, the author of  “The winner stands alone” said that

“One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. DO IT NOW.”

It is the saying that encourages me to make my dream come true study abroad in the UK. Beside that, since I studied in Foreign trade university in my country Vietnam, I do know that I want to become a Marketing Manager.

As a results of a difficult working and studying period, I chose to study MSc Marketing at Salford Business School as an excellent preparation to my career in the future.


Passing on the Digital Marketing Strategy Baton…

22 July 2014
fianna hornby

Fianna Hornby, KTP Digital Marketing Executive

I have now been lucky enough to spend a year at Salford Business School, working as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Digital Marketing Executive. This is a position which revolves around a project between the university and their partner Pennine Telecom. In this role so far, I have researched multi-channel digital marketing strategies and I am now well on the way to implementing marketing automation within Pennine Telecom, which will give the Bury based SME a competitive advantage in the 21st Century market place.

Due to my involvement in the Knowledge Transfer Partnership, I was lucky enough to be offered a place on the university’s MSc in Marketing. As I’ve worked so closely with the business school as both a professional and a student, when I was asked to write a blog post on my ‘greatest experience’ I found the idea of choosing one quite difficult because I’ve managed to accomplish so many things.

During my time here I’ve made great friendships with both classmates and colleagues, I’ve been given incredible guidance in academia and offered invaluable opportunities which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

On reflection, one day stands out, the day I delivered my first guest lecture…