How to get a graduate job: my seven steps to success

Like many other graduates who recently graduated in the summer of 2016, I started to search for that ‘dream job‘ and in my instance – The first job. How to get a graduate job will depend on you and your personality and here is my way… Every graduate had the same attitude and drive as […]

What is a “Technical Innovation Officer”?

Let me introduce myself! I’m Richard, and I am the University of Salford Business School Technical Innovation Officer. Some of you might have met me last year, because I was a student studying an MSc in Information Systems Management. Through connections I made on my course I heard about this position, applied, and here I […]

How to network: Make the right first impression

As I was about to embark on my final year at university, typically, more and more graduate unemployment statistics kept creeping up. I say ‘typically’ because naturally when you don’t want to think about something there it is, constantly in front of you. Social media was a great reminder of how tough the job market […]

Lost in translation: is the Arabic language being eroded?

Having gained an MBA from The University Of Salford it was naturally exciting for me to be invited to join the University’s United Arab Emirates (UAE) Advisory Board. The Middle East expansion of the University is a very positive development which presents outstanding opportunities for students from the region to further their education within a world-class […]

Playing the game: CV writing and interview tips

In my time as an employer I’ve probably interviewed thousands of people, which would mean I’ve seen ten times as many CVs. Though the stats tell us we are seeing more jobs appearing, today’s labour market still demands pushing every opportunity to its limit; which means writing better CVs, making the most out of your […]

Getting a job after uni: 5 skills and abilities you need to have

My name is Ian Houghton. I graduated from Salford Business School last year – 2013, with a degree in Business and Management with Professional Placement. While I was at the University of Salford I made the most of the time by undertaking a one year placement with South West Water as a Contacts Administrator and […]

Working abroad: from Salford to Abu Dhabi

June is an exciting time – exams are over and it is the end of your course – time to rest and plan ahead. Are you one of those students who has finished your course and now looking forward to your new job, further study or even starting your own business? I graduated from the […]

A day in the life of a Salford Business School alumna

Salford Business School alumna, Lorna Cole, graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies and Marketing Management in 2011. Since graduating, Lorna has moved to Abu Dhabi working as a Marketing and Communications Officer at Global Medical Solutions. Lorna is one of our many alumni who is making the most of the knowledge gained as part of her studies at […]