Competition: Win a ticket to #CampDigital

Camp Digital 2015
Camp Digital 2015

Future Entrepreneurs Wanted: Calling all innovators!

What: Camp Digital is an inspirational conference that brings together the digital, design and user experience (UX) communities for a series of seminars and workshops exploring the latest thinking.

When: 23 April 2015.

Where: Museum of Science & Industry, (MOSI Manchester).

The Centre for Digital Business is setting students a business challenge.

We have recently acquired funding for a PopUp Research Unit (PUPru). Before you ask, PUPru will be a mobile space intended for installations in a range of public spaces. This installation will visit the high street and can be placed inside shopping malls, in the foyer of business premises, at sporting or music venues, at other education institutions or on the University of Salford campus. Your challenge is to help us to identify innovative uses of this space.

What can this PUPru actually do?

The PUPru will be able to use next generation digital sensors and other inputs to capture data. For example, it could include consumer footfall, environmental data (pollution, light, heat etc.), e-retail, personal digital footprints, the e-supply chain and the Internet of Things.

The focus of the PUPru is to raise awareness of digital technologies and develop new ideas for their exploitation, implementation and integration of these technologies.

What are the technologies involved? 

The PUPru will gather data through external sensors, cameras and network loggers that are built-in as integral elements of the unit. The sensors will be controlled through a series of Raspberry Pi devices.

The external walls of the unit will be able to display data and graphics. Visitors will be able to try out 3D printers and Google Glasses and other wearable technology.


Picture by Ryan McGuire
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How do I get a chance to win a ticket? 

The Centre for Digital Business are partners with Sigma on a Knowledge Transfer Project and they have kindly given us 10 free tickets for their annual event – Camp Digital. You have a chance to attend this fantastic event that explores the potential of digital technologies. You will be able to hear from and meet digital leaders.

So… the challenge is for you to come up with the next great idea that we can use in our PUPru. Do you have a great idea for a shopping app? Or any ideas for a new 3D printing service? What about a digital route finder for  a festival or hospital? Get your thinking caps on!

So… write a comment or do a video of a two-minute elevator pitch stating the a) what, b) how and c) why of your idea (maximum 300 characters) in the comments section below this post and tell us why you deserve a free place at this event. The authors of the best comments will be selected to attend the the event.

The free place winners will be published on Thursday 17 April at 3.00pm in the edits to this post. Watch this space!

The successful competition entrants would have to collaborate on a joint blog post to be published on the Salford Business School blog to share their three key takeaways from the Camp Digital event  for 1 May 2015.



  • a) Pop-up unit to go into a busy reception desk/area in a building.

    b) Measure the amount of people that use the reception desk,
    how long they were there, did any queues build up.

    c) The figures could be put into a matrix to give you the
    information on having the right staffing hours in the right place.

  • My idea in a glance is called the shopping wizard. it’s an application that integrates between offline shopping and online database. with my app people can search for products, brands and prices with their location. This location-based app will connect stores and shops with their customers and customers with them. the features of this app could introduce group buying in a total new way. Enough talking about my idea, my name is Abdallah Al Qareh I’m a MSc. Marketing Student at the University of Salford, and joining this event can help me connect with experts in my field of interest and can help me enhance my idea. Being an international student who worked in the field of digital marketing for more than a year, I think have the experience and the different perspective that will help in bringing diversity in this event. For more information about me or my work feel free to visit my page

  • A) It is a device which gives opportunity for shopping in home.
    B) It works in different way than PC, tablet or smart devices. It’s online and it helps multi type of shopping.
    C) It designed to be smart home manager.

  • I wonder if I will be selected for the Camp Digital annual event this year! Was great to be presenting my Teach4u project ( and also improving my SEO and web development skills in my final year eCommerce/Advanced Web Design modules! You can see my interest in Information Security on my personal website ( I would be interested in seeing what other kind of big ideas people come up and would love to network with great talented individuals as I may be able to share some future projects I will be working on 🙂

  • This event sounds fantastic!

    My idea for the usage of the PUPru would be a pop-up stand with sensors in the entrance to a shop. I would suggest using these sensors to collate data on the sizes of people who enter the shop and then analyse this data with the data of the sizes of clothes in the shops. The shops could exploit this data to ensure they are stocking the right sizes and help make them more appealing, marketable and connected with their audience. They could also utilise this data to get information on more general in sites such as footfall .

    Hope you like the idea!

  • Gone to a lecture and missed the paper register, maybe as a lecturer you dont even know who or what your students look like. The PUPRu can be utilised as digital registration system helping to increasing retention and also build the relationship between students and lectures. Most of all admin could analyze the data through numerous way such as time, class and even teacher helping them understand why students are only appearing in certain class and not others. Additionally, time analyzing data can be spent supporting students and this system can help this. For more details please visit

  • SWIFT Parking’s aim is to eliminate the frustrations associated with parking. ‘SWIFT Parking’ is a parking reservation and integrated cashless payment system. Creating an account and downloading the app is free, however, to start using the service payment on a PPU or subscription basis is required.

    Since securing third place in the ‘A Grand Idea’ Web Applications UK competition in 2014 I have developed a drive to become a known face in the digital/business/technology communities gaining an ambition to network with individuals in these areas. Subsequently, this lead to the construction of my BizTech blog (

  • I would love the opportunity to come to this event, I hope I get picked, fingers crossed, I’m intrigued! I have an idea for a Salford University online swap shop, I think this may be the ideal event to enable me to meet likeminded people to collaborate on the idea with.

  • This even sounds really exciting!
    Walking down Market Street I am always amazed that no matter what time of day it is, the street is incredibly congested. What if we could use the PUPru to measure the footfall down Market Street and the surrounding side streets and use the display capabilities to suggest alternate routes to get people moving through the area more efficiently? By tracking how many people move through Market Street at different times (early morning, rush hour, dinner time etc) and comparing that to how many people use the side streets to navigate the area, perhaps we would be able to solve the congestion issue. This will allow people on a tight schedule to easily pass through Market Street and the centre of town in order to complete their errands efficiently, make it to work on time, and avoid the stress of having to weave through strolling shoppers! The new tram stop being built will also most likely increase both foot traffic and actual traffic and it would be wise to try to alleviate some of that. The PUPru could also suggest places that are ‘off the beaten path’ to people who are not pressed for time and looking to move through the area quickly, which will hopefully make this initiative appeal to a wide range of users.

  • The logic behind the innovative idea of SWIFT Parking is to give customers a stress free easy form of parking reservation and an integrated cashless payment system. To able to use this wonderful service customers would need to have an account and download the free app to be able to use the services. (

    Charles Shumba partner founder of SWIFT Parking has a passion for technology, having entered ‘A Grand Idea’ Web Applications UK competition in 2014, acquiring a third spot. The successful implementation and award winning of the Swift Project has given him a renewed passion, drive and confidence for IT project management.He has also created an online personal website and currently undertaking a research on the applicability implementing a Biometric voter registration in Zimbabwe.


    Thanks to everyone who took part in the #CampDigital competition.

    Anthea Thurston, Abdallah Al Qareh and KarLalijee.

    Winners were chosen by how well their ideas might help us use the PUPru

    BTW: Thanks Fianna for your comment but she had already got herself a ticket so withdrew form the competition